Dec 30, 2018


All this time I thought it was Beepy that our little friend Buzzy yearned for.

Turns out, he is madly, passionately, deeply in love with Dialysis Tech Extroidonaire...Miss Lorie (standing left in the photo). 

(Either that, or she just scares the crap out of him by showing him who's boss.)

I'm here in the chair with both needles inserted with nary a problem and the machine running full speed ahead. I confess to a very long and sleepless night of worry and wonder if I would have a repeat performance today, but all of that anxiety was for naught. I am cannulated and 100% pain free.

My Irish did not fare very well against the mighty tigers of Clemson, but I did enjoy myself nonetheless. There was plenty of ice cold lemonade (for me) and various and sundry adult beverages for Magoo and friends. There was also fabulously delicious bar-be-que, and since we all know how much I hate to miss a meal, I enjoyed a few bites of things before coming to my senses and pushing the plate away.  

(I wanted to go face first, I really did, but I am back on the wagon heartily and determined to lose the last hundred pounds this year.)

(And no....that is not an exaggeration.)

Magoo's friend Fish should be arriving on the train as I write this, and I think the plan is for Rich to take him on a tour of Notre Dame while I'm finishing up here, and then I'll join them for dinner later. In anticipation, I made sure to apply a bit of makeup this event that has my podmates stunned and suspicious that I am not really me today.

(Hmmmmm. Guess I need to re-think my look for d-days!)

I am very very close to finishing the Prairie Moon piece and hope to do so this evening after dinner. Then, tomorrow and Tuesday will be spent gathering my January basket for the start if the 2019 Spinster Stitcher Remembrances of Stitchy Things Past Official Stitchy Plan. I'm quite excited about this, actually, and think it will be very much like going to a high school reunion...seeing old friends and thinking about good times together, and picking up where we left off. 

(Maybe the name should be The Spinster Stitcher Reunion Tour instead?)

OK, enough chattering away. You've got better things to do than listen to me babble away, and I need to behave myself and finish treatment.

Happy, happy Sunday, Dearies! I hope your day is wonderfully swell and that you get to do everything your heart desires!


  1. I shall drink a ginger ale toast to many repeats of your successful treatmentšŸš€

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  3. Glad that today is a better day. Good luck with the stitcher reunion.

  4. Two pounds per week is doable. I applaud your grit!

  5. Ms. Lorie is a heroine and star of the pod fest. So happy she is bringing calm to your day … and the fun is not over yet ~ dinner with JB and friend and then plucking up a plan
    for future stitching, renewing past projects and completing
    Prairie Moon. I find it hard to believe that weight loss do not look it, my dear, but as Annie says, you can do it if anyone can and we are cheering you on.

  6. Good for Miss Lorie taking control with Buzzy! I hope the rest of your chair time is uneventful and your evening out is much fun. I look forward to seeing what goes in your January basket of Spinster Stitcher Stitch Reunion. Go Coni!

  7. I'm so glad that today is going better. I hope it continues and you have a thoroughly enjoyable evening! -- Barbara

  8. Amazing - and bizarre - that consecutive d-chair days can be so different! Very glad to hear that today is much more routine.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Hurrah, love hearing today was a piece of cake! (Metaphorically)

  10. Happy New Year Coni !!! I hope 2019 is filled with laughter, love and good health !!!

    I confess that while I have read your blog for quite some time... I was not aware of your 'Stitchy Plan' for the year... please elaborate!!!

    I am proud of myself for starting a new, and very large (for me) piece. I hope to finish it this year !

  11. Looking forward to seeing your finish and what you have in your January basket! Also so happy that your dialysis went well!