Nov 25, 2018


It's done, Dearies. 

Not at all how I envisioned, but I did the very best I could with the very little energy I have in me today. I remarked that it's a good thing Stewey isn't here to inspect my efforts, because I'm fairly sure he would have pulled out his little valise, fished around for his official things, and stamped a big fat VETOED on my forehead.

But I am happy with it all, and despite the fact that there are no Jim Shores or no big huge tree with a whimsical top hat is Christmasy nonetheless.

The chicken sisters are now directly in front of me and will be more closely supervised:

The three little trees that used to live on the front porch at Chez Spinster now stand in for what once was the official spinster tree:

All of my stitchy things are hung in the entranceway:

And from the other side:

And my favorite part of the entire mess...outside lights on a remote control:

I've got an experimental shepherd's pie in the oven. I took Magoo's ground beef stuffing, corn pudding, green bean casserole, and carrots and topped it with the leftover mashed potatoes and cheese.

It will either be very tasty, or we're having pizza for dinner.

After a bite to eat and a hot scrubby shower, I am going to hit the Happy Chair for some Christmas stitching if it kills me. I am going to pick up that LJP Christmas Quilt and give it my very best try. Pray for me, Dearies. If last night is any indication I'm going to need all the help I can get!

Here's hoping that your Sunday was winderfully swell! Did you play with decorations and stitching today too? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Oh Coni dear you are the sun 🌞
    shining in my day. I rearranged
    the glittery snowflakes over the mantle, which meant getting on the footstool on the raised hearth without falling or sustaining injury. Did it!
    Baked & frosted brownies without eating any, did 2/5 min work outs on the rower. Cooked cheesy chicken breast & ate 1/2
    & vacuumed the living room after hemming a blouse.
    Best part of the day, besides reading your post, was reading my new book on designing and drawing fairies. I've designed a midi length curved hem tunic, with simple princess seams for curve support (LOL) and a tie front under the bust area.
    I want to hand stitch fairies along the neckline,front placket and hemline, maybe add some beading too.
    It's not easy to find curvy clothes that don't look sack like and come in pretty colors/fabrics that don't cost a fortune or look like what everyone else has on. Sewing is my super power!
    I hope I'll have this finished for Christmas.
    Have a peaceful evening with Magoo.

  2. I think your decorating looks good. I have downsized to little trees and am quite content with mine. And the Stewey tale was much enjoyed.

  3. I like the Christmas look you have created. Love the lights on the balcony and the little trees! Do you know who makes them? Love that you have your Christmas pieces hung in the entry! I stitched today on a Quaker sampler, but no to the decorating.

  4. Our family Thanksgiving was delayed to yesterday (Saturday)—which meant the 2 days before were spent cleaning and cooking. A good time was had by all...and we have enough leftovers to feed several teenage boys, but we are enjoying them. I spent most of my day (during the Kansas blizzard today) in my stitchy chair with my cat, reading and stitching and feasting on leftovers. It was awesome. To work tomorrow, so the Christmas decorating will wait until next weekend. Today I stitched on a teaching project by Betsy Morgan.

  5. I love your Christmas decorating, especially hanging your stitcheries in the entrance.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. It looks absolutely lovely! Love seeing all your beautiful stitching hanging up and glad you are able to keep a closer eye on those chickens :)