Oct 30, 2018


Because I was decidedly unwell yesterday, we moved my dialysis to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday this week. I suppose I could have skipped Monday entirely and just showed up tomorrow, but I really do not like missing treatments, and I am looking forward to company this weekend and want to feel my very best.

Today I am in a different pod and I am enjoying a different view:

My tech tells me that I missed the man in the little boat turning off the fountain today by a few minutes. I would have liked to have seen that, since I imagine him to be dressed as the Gorton's fisherman...making his way through the gathering storm to challenge Moby Dick.

(In truth, he was probably a landscape guy in a hoodie who had the good sense to turn off the fountain's spray before heading out to winterize it, because he is, after all, a professional, and has done this once or twice before.)

I finished the roof on the house last night but forgot to take a photo. I moved the q-snaps and am going to add a few more small moteefs before tucking this away for next year. I'll try to remember to grab a pic before I do so.

I'm receiving a lot of messages from folks wanting to know how to comment or subscribe to this here blog, but I haven't one clue as to how you do that. Could somebody help a spinster out and post the instructions for such below? I think I have all of the settings wide open so anybody can comment/view here, but for some reason peoples are having trouble.

That's it for me today, Dearies. A little on the woozy side and out of routine, but here nonetheless. I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start...come tell me all about it!


  1. I just saved your blog to my "favorites" bar on my laptop. A simple click opens it up.

  2. I follow your blog on Bloglovin then I get to see when you post

  3. It's not clear to me why you would pack away your current project. I know that you've said that you stitch because you enjoy the process rather than because you're keen to achieve the outcome, but even so, if you're enjoying this particular project, it seems unusual that you wouldn't stick with it at this stage until you had the satisfaction of completing it.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I have a blog as well, and Have you saved there. When you have a new post, it bumps you up to the top.

  5. I think they are asking how to get to this section. At the bottom of your post there is a line and it tells how many comments have been made. Click on that and it opens up to read the comments and a box at the bottom to add their post. Underneath that there is a box to click "Notify me" that they would click to be advised of future postings. I think I read your comment right and that is what they are asking. If not, disregard this entire post! I haven't had a lot of coffee yet so I may be still in my morning fog.

  6. I follow you on Bloglovin' as well.

  7. I have trouble posting my comments too on my laptop but it works on my cell phone.

  8. Pretty view out those windows!

    I use a site called Netvibes and you just add the blogs you read to it and then when you go to the netvibes site it shows all the posts you haven't read yet. As for commenting I have no idea. It always works for me so I don't know why it wouldn't for others. Hope they get it figured out!