Oct 29, 2018


I knew it. 

The minute the words came out of my mouth I knew I was tempting fate.

"I don't think I've been this happy and content in a very long time", I thought to myself on Thursday afternoon. "For the first time in a very long while my heart feels a bit carefree and I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel."

Yeah, it was a light all right.

It was the headlight on the front of the train that hit me square in the gut and has me flat on my back with another diverticulitis flare up,

Jimminy Crickets, Dearies. Do you think I will ever figure out how to stop careening from one mishap to another, or should I just fasten my seatbelt a little tighter and enjoy the ride?

Antiobiotics and liquids are on board, I re-scheduled today's dialysis session for tomorrow, and I'm in the Happy Chair with the heating pad on high. I am showered and in my eighteen year old sweatpants, Spinster Stitcher t-shirt, and fuzzy socks...so no complaints in that department, and all seems to be semi-well for the moment.

In much happier news, I completed the house on my stitchy piece and am now moving on to the roof:

My plan is to complete this and then switch to something different...perhaps the Shepherd's Bush band sampler? 

So that's it for this particular Monday from these here parts. I hope your very own week is off to a wonderful start and that you are doing everything you want to do and nothing you don't. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Yikes -- the body is weak but the spirit is happy?

    As I drove to and from the grocery store this afternoon, CBC Radio (yes, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) had a repeat of a long segment on microbes, with specific focus on gut microbes, including a reference to Crohn's. And I thought of you.


    Hope the meds, liquids, heating pad, Happy Chair and stitching help you feel better.

    Susan Anonymouse

    P.S. I bought "all" the meat -- chicken breasts, pork chops, sausages and ground turkey -- because it was all on sale. And maybe I felt the need for protein?!

  2. I am SO sorry! I had that once -- and wound up in hospital on morphine. God Bless you -- I hope the flare up is over soon!

  3. Chronic illness is always with us, unfortunately, but if we can be ill and still be 'happy', that's just a blessing. In that you're enjoying your house stitchery and planning something new, it looks like you've gotten the "soldiering thru" thing down. God bless you, my dear, and this too shall pass.

  4. Rats, rats, rats. I'm sorry to hear about the flare up. But your capacity and willingness to maintain good humour on your blog even while reporting it is inspiring.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. The project is a really neat one. Hope the body rebounds soon!!

  6. You are sounding settled and relatively comfortable for today... Hoping the glitch in your carefree feelings subsides and that you will be up and ready to meet tomorrow's challenge.

  7. I'm sorry Coni. If I could figure out how to wiggle my largish, not so cute nose like Samantha wiggled her cute, little nose - I would. But methinks that the seatbelt needs a bit of adjusting! Enjoy stitchy chair time - and I love the color of the house!

  8. Oh Coni, I am sorry you are dealing with another bout of diverticulitis. Your stitch is looking swell.

  9. Oh man! Hope you are feeling better now. And your house looks superb!