Oct 6, 2018


Nails and toes painted by Yours Truly with a color called Brick Knit...

Living room tidy...

Kitchen clean...

Fridge and freezer cleaned and organized...

Ferns watered...

Now I'm going to make a big pot of Carol Jean's Chicken Stew, have a long hot shower, settle in to the Happy Chair and stitch my eyeballs out until the wee hours. I didn't get out of the big girl sleigh bed until noon today (!) but I think that extra sleeping and lounging were just what I needed. I am feeling better today than normal, so I want to enjoy every single minute of it!

Several of you asked me about my menu. I am making three things and then eating them throughtout the week, since Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are usually too rough to cook. Today I am making chicken stew. Tomorrow I am making goulash. Tuesday I am making tacos. I know, I know, heavy on the beef, but both are 95% lean and I need to up my protein. Besides...both goulash and tacos sound good to me, and I was told to eat what sounds good, since a craving indicates something I'm lacking.

(Yup...this works for chocolate too. If you crave chocolate, your body is telling you it needs zinc and magnesium apparently. I always though it meant I just wanted to not stab people in the head.)

The chicken stew recipe comes from my dad's cousin, Carol Jean. When my mom died, Carol Jean brought over a big pot of it, and I have loved it and made it frequently ever since. Chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, onions...tastes like a chicken pot pie without the crust. What's not to love about that?

The goulash comes from my friend Cheryl's husband Mr. Mike. When I used to stay with them at their lake house, he would make this on cold Saturday afternoons, and I loved it too.  Stew beef, potatoes, carrots, tomato juice, and tons of paprika. I like it super spicy and eat it with rye bread and butter...just like Mr. Mike.

Tacos are tacos, Dearies. I don't do anything special here except eat them open faced, since I end up wearing them if I don't. I should just hit the Taco Bell drive thru and order a bag of them to go, but I am determined to stay inside CS2 for the next eight days and completely de-people myself.

So that's the report from a warmish and overcast Hoosierville today. I hope that you are enjoying your very own Saturday. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Love the color nail polish you featured today! Very fall like if you ask me! Both the goulash and chicken stew sound fabulous. Care to share your recipes? Pretty please! I am glad you got your cleaning/tidying up out of the way. Enjoy your evening of stitching!

  2. Could you post your recipes for the stew and goulash? Sounds great! Have a great week and weekend.

  3. Sounds like you were busy between your noon awakening and posting ALL THAT CLEANING! Enjoy your solitude and good food.

    I am off on a road trip to see family, celebrate Thanksgiving (Canadian) and look at the autumn leaves. Packed my stitching bag right after the snacks, long before the clothes!

    Susan Anonymouse

  4. Coni, you have the nicest apartment. I know you would rather be in your lovely home, but... we don’t have nice apartments around here. Do
    you ever post recipes? I would love your chicken stew and goulash recipes. Your nails look lovely! Can’t believe you did them yourself. I am the queen of nasty cuticles!

  5. I would love to de-people even for 3 or 4 days, but since I probably have to work for 3 1/2 more years and my days off still involved people activities, it won't happen soon. I'll live vicariously through you, Coni!

  6. Nice apartment. Your refrigerator makes me envious. Wish mine was that clean. Enjoy your week!

  7. You could cut down some of that beef by using tofu. It has more protein per ounce, fewer calories and many other benefits. I love it, and it can be seasoned since it is rather naturally bland. Just a thought.

  8. Coni, May I add my voice to the others here? I too would love the recipes for Carol Jean's Stew and Mr. Mike's Goulash.

  9. Carol Jean's stew sounds perfect for my house, but I am lousy and guessing how much of what. PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE post the recipe.

  10. I agree!! Especially the chicken stew please!

  11. Mr Mike still loves to make his goulash....hungarian, not polish LOL