Oct 5, 2018


Mr. Spinster Jersey Boy Magoo is heading to Atlantic City to visit his mom, so I am going to have an entire eight days to my very self!

I do enjoy the pleasure of his company, but sometimes a spinster just needs a minute...you know? He's very handy for carrying things up the steps, or dragging me out to an event or sporting game, but we all know that I am very block-headed and agoraphobic and lazy and just want to sit in my twenty-six year old Happy Chair in my eighteen-year old sweatpants and stitch and watch the Housewives.

I've planned my menu, written my grocery list, reviewed my to do list, and plotted out the next eight days of...Spinster Stitcher bliss.

First thing on my to do list?

"Throw away to do list".

I will still have to come to dialysis Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but that's really the only "must" that has to happen. Everything else is completely optional.

I would like to clean and re-organize the cube room studio, but methinks that will only take place if the planets align just right and my poor left arm cooperates. It is just too darn swollen and sore to think about much, but I am doing all of the things the specialists have prescribed, and I'm hopeful.

Tonight will be pizza and the Netflix...or maybe Chinese food and an Outlander marathon. Either way, I suspect that it will take place in my jams, with the Magic Blanket and some stitching firmly in place.

We're off like a herd of turtles, Dearies! I hope you have a Fabulous Friday and a Wonderful Weekend doing everything that blows your skirt up and nothing that doesn't! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Sounds wonderful. Agree that us girls need some alone time sometimes. Enjoy!

  2. Enjoy your 8 days of bliss! Hope your sore arm feels better.

  3. Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, so wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend (and week and following weekend)! You can give thanks for alone time and for having Jersey Boy in your life.

    Susan Anonymouse

  4. I finally firmly believe that EVERYONE needs some alone time. Some of us need more and a some less. Enjoy your time. And greet Jersey Boy with s big smile and his favorite meal! It is a lucky spinster who has the both of best world's. You deserve it all.

  5. Hope the arm gets to feeling better soon! It sounds like a good plan you have for the next 8 days. I really do believe everyone needs to alone time. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. That sounds like a wonderful plan, Coni.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Hoping all goes well Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that your alone time is filled with the peace and serenity and
    stitching that will render it perfection. Blessings

  8. Envious. I could use "a minute" myself, but it my daughters' homecoming weekend, and hubby and I will be trotting off to take pictures, fretting about the 17 year old out on her own, and driving the 15 year old to and fro. Enjoy yourself!

  9. Enjoy your stitching time :)

  10. You are a gal after my own heart! Totally agree about the alone time! I am fortunate to have my own stitchy room where my stitchy chair resides, along with piles of stash, so that helps. Love my hubby, but I am just made that way too!

  11. I love my man too but 8 days by myself... whoa how much fun I could have! :) Hope you are enjoying your alone time!