Oct 1, 2018


Hello, and a cheery good morning to you, Dearies!

Can you believe it's October already? I just looked at the calendar thingie on my phone and realized that we're here already.  How the heck did that happen?

I feel like I stitched a fair amount yesterday, but don't have a lot of progress to show:

I suppose it doesn't help matters that the piece I'm working on is full coverage in this section:

But it's stitching nevertheless, and I'm super happy to have spent time with needle and thread in hand.

Buzzy is doing his thing at the moment, and I am contemplating a nice afternoon of Flosstube here in the chair, followed by a good dinner out on the balcony and then some TeeVee and stitching once the kitchen is back to order. Not exactly an exciting plan, but methinks it just might be a good one for an October Monday.

What's new in your corner of the world? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Glad dialysis is going well today!!
    You have made great progress with new piece. As one of the world's slowest stitchers I am totally impressed. Enjoy a yummy dinner.

  2. Sounds like a well-planned, smooth going Monday after your "not moving" Sunday.... Stitching looking lovely.

  3. I'm currently working on an enormous full-coverage piece and I am finding it important to celebrate even small progress! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I have been doing a stitch a long with friends on Autumn Quaker. We are soooooooo close to finishing that I don't want to stop!

    I love the piece you're working on, Coni.

  5. What is the elastic piece on your project? Did you make it?