Sep 18, 2018


The view from the Happy Chair is quiet and peaceful so far, but the day has just begun. I will have my treatment hangover for another hour or so, and then there's no telling where the day will take us!

It must be the change of season, because I have projects swirling about inside my tiny little brain. Things I am playing with currently, things I want to play with, and things I don't even know HOW to play with are dancing about and giving me inspiration and joy.

Stewey always said it, but I really am quite simple-minded. Just the thought of threads and fabrics and gadgets and beads and magnets and....can keep me occupied for hours on end. This is a great thing to be when you're a homebody, right? I can sit here and have wonderful times and great days without having to get out if my pajamas!

I added another coat of the ModPodge to the heart needleminders and let it dry overnight.

Unfortunately, I think the problem persists:

I remain, however, undaunted, and will continue to work in my laboratory today to see if I can find a solution:

I imagine that it is as simple as giving up on the idea of a glass-like surface and just being happy with the regular shine and seal of a different formula of the stuff.  We shall see.

We're off like a herd of turtles on this lovely Tuesday, Dearies! I'm going to grab a second cup of damn good and will be on my way!

I hope that your corner of the world is wonderfully swell today! Come tell us all about it!


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  2. Hi,

    Haven't commented before (though I've been reading a while)...

    About the hearts, are you brushing the mod-podge on that's causing the unevenness? I haven't worked with it before, but maybe if you dipped them into a bowl of it instead, it would coat more evenly. You'd have to figure out how to let any excess run off, though - lay them at an angle on a [old] cooling rack with newspaper underneath, for instance. Nothing where they'd touch the puddle underneath (and adhere to it when the minder & puddle dry and harden).
    I haven't worked with it, but if the texture is similar to that of white glue that could take a while, though you could try thinning it out as well.

    I looked up 'how-to mod-podge badges, necklaces' and got some useful looking hits, so maybe check that out?

    I really love the hearts design - so pretty! The coffee cups are cute as well. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! ^_^

    Hopefully some of this helps - have a good day!

  3. Love the pocket watch needle minder and the acorn. My faves. Like the others too.

  4. Have you tried glueing on the magnet first? Maybe let the magnet glue dry for a couple of days and then put on the gloss. You could use an old metal tray to stick them to so they don't wobble when you paint the tops. I may just be a chemical in the glue that is softening up the gloss top. Maybe if it's already dry before putting on the top gloss, you won't get the texture...... Just a thought.

  5. I don't have any suggestions for the needle minder dilemma but I think they are swell! Especially like the dots.

  6. Perhaps whatever you are using to paint the dots is causing the Mod Podge to cause the paper to wrinkle and buckle. Just my 2 cents!

  7. Coni, is there any way you can make a 'Stewey' needleminder? I would so love to have one. :) Love, hugs and prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

    1. Cathryn, look closely at the bottom row of the needle minder picture above and you will see sweet Stewey :)

  8. You might want to check out the "Mod Podge Rocks" blog. She has lots of ideas and mentioned a product called Dimensional Magic, which can be layered to get rid of imperfections.
    Hope this helps you! - Teri

  9. I'm sure that you would only see the wrinkles if you were up close and looking at it sideways :) You can't notice at all from the picture straight on. They are gorgeous and I could probably afford the shipping to Canada on one of those lovelies!