Sep 21, 2018


I'm in the chair and running smoothly so far, knock wood. Buzzy is bruised and sore, but a real trooper today, and he and Beepy are doing their thing.

A cool front is moving through this afternoon, so hopefuuly by the time I'm finished it will be in the 60's here in Hoosierville rather than the dreaded 80's. If all goes according to plan, I hope to be on the golf course tomorrow afternoon...right after I complete my chores.

Needleminders should be posted on this here blog tomorrow...please stay tuned! I think the first batch will be worthy of consideration, but I beg you to be gentle with me. They are made with lots of love, but not much talent.

Stewey needleminders will be delayed a bit, since I was not able to figure out how to print his little picture. But, thanks to the Etsy, I think I have found a solution and should have those soon.

Damn good mug samples should be here today, along with the mailing box. Then...once I have taken it to the postalpeoples for pricing on shipping, I should be able to get those posted too!

I really need to get my stitchy act together, Dearies. I don't think I've had needle and thread in hand in over a week, and we all know what happens when I am sans stitchy time. A non-stitchy spinster is a cranky spinster, and nobody needs a cranky spinster in their world!

I think that's it for today....other than the fact that I am STILL thinking about that darn sandwich. Methinks we might need to put those on the menu, for certain!

Come tell us all about your adventures both great and small, and have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Coni, I hope the rest of chair time went smoothly and Buzzy and Beepy played nicely together. Enjoy the sandwich if you have one and have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Cooperation from Buzzy is a good thing. I look forward to the final numbers on the needle minders!

  3. Good to hear that the co-chair experience is better today. Enjoy the golf.

    Sydney, Australia (on a borrowed device)

  4. Grrrrr! Damn auto-correct! That should have been d-chair.


  5. So glad to hear things are running smoothly as possible again!