Aug 16, 2018


OK, we're gonna give this a go for a few weeks to see if it heals. I did get the topical and applied it liberally, but will have to rely on Tylenol for the pain. Alleve and other non-Tylenols are toxic to my kidneys, so I have to stay away from them completely, even though I've been told they really do work.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! You saved me a trip to the doc and an enormous bill...I hope!


  1. Praying for relief from and healing. I've used a brace just like that -- it really does help!

  2. But at least your nails look great!

    1. Thanks, Carol! It's a deal I made with myself when I started dialysis...fight through it with everythig I've got and as a treat, I'll get my nails done. I used to look at it as an indulgence.'s a small gift to myself that I really look forward to.

  3. A thumb brace is my go to when my starts with the pain, I rarely even take a pain reliever. I'll wear the brace often at night and many days, that's all I need. It does take some getting used when doing things with it on, but worth it.

  4. I somehow missed your post on wrist/thumb pain but let me add I've used the braces and they really help. Also, try Biofreeze or Cryoderm in the roll on containers (like a deodorant roll on). Roll on is easier to apply and less messy. Biofreeze is great for tight muscles (great on the back of your neck for a tension headache). Cryoderm is great for pain, especially arthritis pain. I have extensive arthritis in feet and knees and it really helps me. Hope u get relief.

  5. I'll endorse the Biofreeze. Works well for me. Never heard of the other. I have also used a brace that splinted my wrist and thumb. wore it mostly at night and day time when not writing or stitching. It does help, then it goes back to the closet and out again when pain is too much. Being allergic to aspirin, I've never been allowed Aleve or other things - just Tylenol.
    Hope everything starts to work quickly.


  6. Those nails are super! Hope your thumb is feeling better!