Aug 16, 2018


This is an adjustable lap desk that I got at the Targets for a whopping fourteen dollars:

I think this thing is going to be life changing. I can sit in the Happy Chair with the iPad thingie on a slant in front of me and type away with two a person should.  It's super heavy, so i won't be able to take it to the dialysis chair with me, but this would be a total game changer there.  

(Hmmmmm....I wonder if I could negotiate with the director to leave it there somehow? Or maybe I could convince her to purchase a few for patients like me who like to work/play on iPads during treatment?  They have several iPads there for use by patients...wouldn't this be a nice addiition?)

I think this would also be perfect for diamond painting, since the left side tilts up in several different positions, and there is a nice flat surface to the right to hold drills, tools, a tray, drink, etc.  

For stitching, it would be a great chart holder, and stitchy tools could sit on the flat part.

I didn't get paid to endorse this, but I can tell you that I definitely give it a full five stars.  For fourteen bucks, I am very pleasantly surprised at how well it's made, and I'm super happy I splurged and bought it!


  1. I love that! Oh... Happy Husband... we're going to Target!

  2. Neato. I use a flat laptop desk for my perpetual online stuff. It's very light, as is my Mac Airbook. It does have a pull-out slide for my mouse, but being a couch person, I just use my mouse and Bamboo tablet to my side on the sofa. Whatever works!

  3. Coni, I have one. Haven't used it in a while, but it's great for holding the pattern I'm working on, as I can see it much better. Have fun.

  4. Dagnabit, I have to go back to Target to pick up a cube organizer. Now I have to add this to my shopping list. You need to go sit in the naughty corner for enabling!

  5. It would be awesome for stitching in bed too! Sadly Target is no longer in Canada :(