Aug 28, 2018


I know you're probably getting bored with the same old, same old from Yours Truly, but that really is my life at the moment...same old, same old.

After a good dinner and a half-hearted attempt at cleaning the kitchen, I sat down with RVC and finished another section:

This really is a total joy to stitch, and I have been thinking about the stitchy sister out there in Phoenix that gifted it to me...praying for her health, happiness, and prosperity with every stitch. 

It is a rather stormy day here in Hoosierville. I have grocery, laundry, and apartment scrubbing on my list, but methinks the grocery will have to wait until the storm passes. Laundry and cleaning shouldn't be too bad, and if nothing else I can view it as exercise.

Menus are getting tougher and tougher for me to plan because I seem to have lost my appetite. I get hungry, but nothing actually tastes or sounds good. Does that make sense? I used to have really specific things to look forward to with the change of season, but now I' I combat this by eating the same thing most days, but even that is getting a bit stale. Time to shake it up!  Maybe an afternoon with a few Ina episodes will do the trick!

(Rich isn't crazy for Ina like I am. He thinks she's makes a ham sandwich look complicted, but I think it's just the opposite. Just wait until I make one of her recipes and he likes it...that'll fix his little red wagon!)

Well, Dearies, this damn good isn't going to drink itself, and despite my very best wishes, the laundry isn't going to spontaneously jump into the washing contraption and splosh itself around. Duty calls, and I need to get these chores done so I can enjoy the afternoon!

Come tell me what's on your agenda this Tuesday....hope it's something fun and stitchy!


  1. RVC is looking super, Coni! I should be dusting, but my book is calling my name as is the stitching.

  2. Don't apologise for showing us gradual progress on RVC. It's a lovely piece and I think it's interesting to see it develop over time. I'm someone who sticks to one project for extended periods, so I'm quite content to see updated pics of yours with only small changes.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. RVC is so pretty that I can't help loving the progress pictures. I, too, have times when I'm hungry but nothing sounds good. I often wish that happened more often, actually! But I'm hacihato also consider the effects with that and an illness.

    1. Stupid auto correct - "I also don't have to consider the effects of not eating and an illness"

  4. When is Rich returning to your humble abode?

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