Aug 4, 2018


Things are moving very slowly here in Hoosierville today. I had a very good treatment yesterday and managed to stop at the Martins for some light provisions, but that's about all I remember. I had dinner and was tucked into the big girl sleigh bed by about 7:30.

As soon as I get my wits about me (after precisely two cups of damn good), I am going to settle in for some Flosstube viewing and stitching. I know that the sunshine, heat, and humidity make for a perfect pool day, but the truth of the matter is that I could use a little peace and quiet, and last time I checked there were eleventy billion peoples in the water.


Not today.

I have been trying to catch up on my viewing of all things stitchy, but keep getting sidetracked by Miss Danielle/Stitcherista's diamond painting. And then I look at dot painting mandalas. And then knitting. And before you know it, I'm off on a trail of sparkly breadcrumbs that makes me happy I don't have the room to start any new endeavors.

Or do I?

In any event, I truly am happy to spend the day stitching today. Buzzy is angry, brusied, sore, and in need of an ice pack, and the lap stand and I will be able to accomodate him nicely.

(I should probably clarify that in my case this isn't so much a lap stand as it is a top of leg stand. I don't have a lap...haven't had one in years...but the stand balances quite nicely on my legs when I sit in either the Happy Chair or on the sectional.)

If you're sweltering, stay cool and hydrated today! If your weather is otherwise...enjoy it! I hope that your Saturday is swell...come tell me all about it!


  1. I have the same eye issue as you, I take my glasses off to stitch also. Is that lapstand tall enough to come within 8 inches of the face? I too don't have a lap, if that helps the calculations...

  2. Sending love, hugs and prayers and hopes that your day is exactly as you want it to be. Cathryn ♥♥♥

  3. Hope you had a very laid back and peaceful kind of day, Coni!

  4. Coni, I am So glad you had a good session on Friday! I have to say, I find the diamond paintings quite unattractive. They remind me of those paintings done in velvet.