Aug 31, 2018


My September polish color is called "Burnt Romance" from CND. It's a lovely red/brown/orange that has me hankering for a You Know What from You Know Where. (*)

(*) A Venti Cinnamon Dulce Late with an extra shot, no whip, and only two pumps from the Starbucks.

(Yes, I did my toes...with some difficulty! The polish is shellac polish and lasts until I take it off. It's "cured" with a light, does not require any grinding down of the nail bed, and does not harm my nails in any way. Keeping my fingers and toes nice was the deal I made with myself about a year or so ago as a way to feel half-human! I used to chew my cuticles, but had to break myself of that habit, and keeping them polished has done the trick!  I also use cuticle oil and hand cream every night before bed.)


  1. Love that colour. I prefer darks, too.

  2. You have the prettiest shaped nails. Lovely color. (Did you do your toes?)

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  4. You have the most elegant fingers! How long will the polish last? Happy September!

  5. Coni - Thank you for your reply regarding your toes LOL! They are hard to polish aren't they? Ok, so do you have one of the gel/shellac lights at home? Where can you buy this? I have the same bad habit with my cuticles and also find I will leave them alone if I polish my nails. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hello!

      I have my fingers done at a salon, and they use CND shellac polish and cure it with a light. For my toes, I use the CND Vinylux polish in the matching color and usually do them myself. No light is required for the Vinylux, and I find it lasts for a very long time!

      I believe you can putchase all of the polishes and nase coats and lights on the Amazons, but I calculated that having it done in the salon was actually a bit cheaper and easier for me!

      Besides...I figured it was one little treat I could allow myself, and it fit into my budget quite easily.

  6. Very pretty. I've always admired your hands and nails. I've rushed out to the store to get a bottle of the nail polish you've shared. Had to have it cuz Coni's wearing it and it's gorgeous kinda thing. Thanks so much. Hope you are feeling better today.