Jun 23, 2018


My dialysis sessions this week were brutal for some reason, but yesterday I managed to stitch for the first two hours! I was so very happy to do so, and came home for a long snoozy nap with a smile on my fat little face.

No stitching last night, unfortunately. I was just too darn woozy and just wanted to snuggle up to Mister Spinster on the sectional and watch baseball.

Yup. I'm officially a sports watcher now. When at home, it's all the sports all the time. And, if there are no sports to be had it's dopey superhero shows or classic movies. I still watch all of my bad TeeVee (sorry, Housewives and VanderPumpers), but now I do that during chair time. 

So today has dawned bright and early, with just a teeny little dialysis hangover, so after a couple cups of damn good and the execution of a few household chores, we are going to play the golfing for a bit and then go out to dinner...if my stamina level will allow.

It might have been an "off" week of very little sleep (due to nightmares of all things), but hopefully the weekend will make up for it.

Many of you have asked for updates on other areas of Spinster World. My sister is still working with IU to donate a kidney, but between me and you I am not very optimistic at this point. It's not my busy-ness to share, but let's just say...it's complicated.  So I just keep on doing what I'm supposed to and pray for a miracle.

On the house front...alas, it's almost gone I'm afraid, and will go to Sheriff's Sale in July. I have not returned and probably won't do so, because it's just too darn hard for this poor old heart to take. (I'm in the ugly cry just typing this. Can you imagine the meltdown if I actually pulled into the driveway?)  Rich is convinced that my nightmares are the result of this looming on the horizon...maybe a good topic to explore with Dr. Melfi?

OK...'nuff pondering. There are clothes to splosh, damn good to slurp, stitches to take, and golfballs to whack at today! What's on your list, Dearies? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Your Jardin Prive piece is almost finished. Go Coni! Enjoy your golf-balling later and I hope a few stitches get crossed as well. I did some sploshing and wandering about the farmer's market this morning. Stitching is in my future after lunch. Have a marvelous Saturday!

  2. Just about to slosh a few things myself... Cherish the
    time with Mr. Spinster and let go of what is out of your
    control...carpe diem.. Save the tears for a Dr. Melfi session....and find some laughter in today... Love you

  3. I've no idea how much time you have to work with or what the rental market in your area is like, but have you considered renting your house? There are outfits that will manage it for you for a percentage of the rent, and you'll have a source of income instead of losing it. It's worth at least thinking about...

  4. Planning to kick back and do some stitching myself today. Might as well take advantage of nursing a bum knee! I just recently discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it! Praying for everything in Spinster World to work out for the very best.

  5. I have no words, only.... Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  6. Many hugs, Coni. I know it'll be a difficult thing to see your precious home get foreclosed on. Allow yourself to be sad and try to sit with those emotions for a time if you can (bottling things up doesn't do a damn bit of good, and your grief/anxiety will only come out later in damaging ways). Cope the best you can and enjoy the Mr. and the little things in life as much as possible. We are with you in spirit. <3

    1. I'm not sure why my proper name isn't showing up, but this is Violet, with the purple hardanger heart icon. I've been reading your blog for many years!

  7. Sorry you had a rough dialysis week. Hope next week is easier. You are so close to a finish!! Yipee! As for me I worked this morning, then took my kiddos to Toys R Us for a free Lego build then this after noon we had our 4H achievement day. So now I am tuckered out and catching up on my blog reading and hopefully put a few stitches in shortly. Hope your day went just as you had planned!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your house. I like the rental idea written above. Could that work? Your stitching looks great! Hope golf ball whacking was fun!

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