Jun 2, 2018


This week went so quickly! I find myself in the Happy Chair with a cup of damn good and the paper wondering how I got here.

I had hoped that today would be a full report on our evening spent downtown South Bend at a musical event called Meet Me On The Island, but alas, my session yesterday was particularly brutal and I was just not up to mingling with the masses. We did drive down there, though, and I have to say...it was fantastic to see tens of thousands of people down there enjoying a beautiful Friday night. I suspect that there were a dozen or so different venues for things to do, because we went blocks and blocks and the crowds were amazing.

(South Bend, like many cities, really declined over the years. It is now enjoying a re-birth, and although it's not my hometown...I couldn't be happier or more proud of it!)

(You too, Lima. You will always be first in my poor little spinster heart.)

So that's it for today, Dearies! Mister Spinster just announced that he is taking me to brunch, so I better get moving and make myself a bit more presentable!

Happy, happy Saturday to one and all! Do something that makes your heart sing and come tell me all about it!


  1. Hope you had a good brunch and enjoyed a bit of sunshine! Enjoy your weekend, Coni!

  2. I hope your day was lovely Coni!! I fell down an entirely new rabbit hole and ordered a kit from Gat Ann Rogers called Echos II. Here is a link if if you want to see, just copy and paste into your browser...
    This is either going to be fun or terrifying, it could go either way...

  3. Hope you are feeling better today! I spent a good portion of the day putting away the kiddos winter clothes and decluttering. I'm happy to say it went quite well.