May 20, 2018


This cough/flu/plague is just relentless, I tell ya. Despite my very best hopes that it would have disappeared by now...alas...I am still decidedly unwell.

There are plans afoot, however, for a perfect Spinster Sunday.

If the weather cooperates (which I hope it doesn't), I will go outside for some mandatory fresh air. Rich is convinced that a longer and healthier life is guaranteed with 30 minutes of the e-word every day, and I am convinced that I was built for comfort and not for speed.  That's OK...despite my protestations, I know he's right and need to (pardon my languange) get off my duff.

I think I have a relatively quiet week ahead before all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks out next. For some strange reason I decided to schedule every single one of my annual medical exams all at once, so Memorial Day week will be filled with tests and appointments.

Better enjoy the peace and quiet while I can!

The Chicken Sisters are off on another adventure. I thought they might head to a quiet little cottage at a lake, but rumor has it they were spotted in the infield at Pimlico yesterday. I intercepted this message on their Facebook account this morning:

"Hey, Josephine and Eleanor! Great partying with you! Next time, we'll bring the Fireball! Can you believe Petey in that mud pit? Chuck says sorry about the rental car..."

If the old gals show up with bits of racing forms still stuck in their feathers and the phone numbers for these guys...we're going to have to have another talk about comportment.

So that's the report for the day, Dearies. I hope your very own Sunday is full of everything you want, like damn good, all the things, and stitching...and nothing you don't, like coughing and misbehaving chickens!


  1. Coni dear I too am built for comfort not speed. I used all that up before I hit 35. LoL
    I've a rower that I've started using daily & elliptical machine that once again gets a 30 min workout 3x a week. Both are low impact & do the job on arms legs thighs & booty. After my knee surgery my muscles pretty much disapeard in my legs and arms so I knew I would HAVE to get myself in gear.😶
    At least the elliptical has a DVD with a perky skinny mini who I can talk back to when she asks if I'm enjoying this workout (like ever). I usually put a Disney movie on while rowing & in 3-4 days get to begin another one, gotta make it fun somehow.
    Hope your day has stitchy time.

  2. Plague, plague go away...our dear Coni wants to play
    (with the Sisters crowd) I doubled my doctor appointments
    the other day and although a strain, it is all over for
    the duration...a relief and worth it. You do get through
    it... Enjoy your leisurely Sunday and here is hoping your
    week goes well.

  3. You tell those chicken sisters, "You go, girl!" You only live once, so you might as well have some fun.

  4. I hope the bit of fresh air does wonders in helping with getting rid of the illnesses. Good for you on getting all the medical stuff out of the way in a week versus spread out. Thinking of you!

  5. I think the chickens don't want to get bird-flu and tat is why they have ran away!

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  6. Have a home cure for anything to do with colds/flu or residual coughs from them. Came from my Pennsylvania grandmother's collection of "cures." Wash a grapefruit well to clean off the wax they put on them for protection. Then chop into chunks, skin and all. Put in a stainless steel pan (no aluminum, ever), cover with water and set to a boil. Cook until the skins start to turn translucent. Give the chunks a little mash with a potato masher, then strain into a cup, add a good dollop of real maple syrup or honey. Sip slowly. I know, it doesn't taste great, but it works. I suppose it's best to say do not do this if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. NOTE: Best done at night when you are going to stay in for the rest of the evening. Going out after drinking this sets you up for a chill. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hope you don't have to come up with bail money for those chicken sisters! They sound like they have some wild friends. Ha! Hope you Sunday was lovely and can't wait to see how much more you stitched!

  8. Absolutely love your Chronicles of the Chicken Sisters. And that pic is a hoot-n-a-half, like: "What are you doin' here? You're supposed to be home stitchin'." Caught in the act! Be well, dear lady. This, too, like wind, shall pass.
    Moira in Cobourg, Ont.