May 12, 2018


There was a lot of fuss here at CS2 last night. The Chicken Sisters had plans to go visiting, but their new protegee' (who, it turns out, was actually hired to serve as social secretary, procurer of beverages, and designated driver) got the signals mixed up and invited the newest love interest here instead.

He seems nice enough...a retired internist from Miami named Morty. I confess that his constant joking and banter got on my nerves a bit, but the poor fellow was unexpectedly the only male here, so he was really on the spot:

Penelope, for her part, did adequately well serving cocktails and h'orderves, but methinks she might be overmatched. I seem to remember the Chicken Sisters' former assistant...a lovely young woman who left their employ for a quieter job as an air traffic controller.

Today promises to be quiet. The girls are at the beauty parlor, Penelope is hiding somewhere in the pantry, and I am left to my own devices with the paper and a couple cups of damn good. 

Here's hoping that the weekend is swell all around, Dearies! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. I love you so much Coni. Thank you for all you do for my mental health.

  2. Your humor takes such delightful twists and turns...
    retired internist Morty from Miami....quieter job as an air traffic controller... hilarious! To which chicken
    sister is Morty showing a proclivity? I see some trouble
    ahead...that Penelope is a cutie and Morty's roaming eye
    might ruffle the feathers (just coiffed) of the Sisters.
    Bless you, Coni, for giving my day a jump start. Love you

  3. 2 cup of damn good came out my nose LMAO

  4. My coffee just got spewed. It doesn't sound very quiet at CS2. Enjoy your day and cross a few stitches, Coni!

  5. of my favorite birds--shoebill stork. There was one at the San Diego Zoo and he was magnificent!! I can see him as a Morty. lol All's well in Tucson except methinks my address may change. The wind is blowing so hard, I'm afraid i'll end up in Albequerque. Not that there is anything wrong with Albequerque, but it's definitely NOT Tucson. lol Good wishes from the hot and WINDY desert.

  6. Ha ha ha ha

    Susan Anonymouse
    Ha ha!

  7. I think I'd keep my eye on that fella. He looks like a bit of a scamp!

  8. I love shoebill storks. They look as though they should have a watch fob chain slung across their chest, a stogie hanging from one corner of their beak and a glass of bourbon in his feathered hand.

  9. Ha! I hope the sisters don't get in a row over him.