Feb 7, 2018


Buzzy, Beepy, and Midge are doing their thing today, and I am a little miserable.  The insertion of the needles did not go as planned, so now my entire arm is smarting a bit.  We're hoping it calms down and that I can tolerate it since the pressures are good and we're running at full speed.

A little stitching last night, but I forgot to take a pic...phooey.

I've also implemented a new rule for myself, and that's "No more Facebook" unless it pertains to this thing of ours.  I made the mistake of watching a video last night that got me all up in my head, thus resulting in a poor night's sleep.  So nothing non-stitchy related from here on out.

Rich decided to work from home today, so I get to drive myself to and from the chair, which is actually a huge relief.  What can I say? I'm a much better driver than I am a passenger...especially in inclement weather.

So that's it for today, Dearies.  Clean and sleepy and hooked up to a dialysis machine.

Hope your Futzingday is swell and that you'll come tell me all about it!


  1. "I made the mistake of watching a video last night that got me all up in my head, thus resulting in a poor night's sleep."

    I think I know this feeling myself. It is time to turn the world off. I have been watching a comedian on You Tube I just heard of and went from "so true, hahah" to painful in seconds flat. Why am I looking at that?

  2. My allergist says a well washed all cotton hanky is the best for colds, etc. Nice and soft, washable, cheaper per use, and feels wonderful on a sore nose. He says all tissues are made from wood pulp, so have microscopic splinters that irritate skin. They work!! A dozen are only a few dollars, and reusable for years. The tissues with with lotion just camafloge the damage.

  3. Coni.... just sending you ... Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. Hope the rest of your futzing day went smoothly, Coni!

  5. Hope it went well and that you get a much better sleep
    this evening. Our curious minds tend to latch on to some
    of the overflow of information beyond what we need or for which we have time.... Like your idea of limiting it
    all to your driving interest..."this thing of ours" Have
    you ever had a dream you were stitching and what colors
    you selected? Would be interesting.

  6. I agree! Let's all only focus on "this thing of ours", or things that make us happy. I think it's better for us. I hope your chair time went well and you rest easy tonight.

  7. Good idea on the facebook thing. I spend far too much time looking at ridiculous things that would be much better spent stitching! Hope that arm is doing better!

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