Feb 4, 2018


My crankitude this morning was caused by the discovery that I blew my eye again overnight.  This is the third or fourth time I've done this...broken a blood vessel in the white of my eye...and each time I do it, it scares me to death.

But I know exactly what happened this time.  My head cold really kicked in on Friday and Saturday, so I was constantly sneezing and blowing my nose and rubbing my eyes with the discount tissues from the Costco that are effective, but not soft.

Tomorrow I will ask the dialysis nurse to take a good look at it before administering heparin and I will call my eye doc to get in asap to make sure there's nothing more to it.

Rich and I enjoyed a quiet morning, and then I took a nice long nap in anticipation of going out to watch the Super Bowl.  But, because my Jersey Boy really is a Prince, we stayed home in our jammies instead and had simple leftovers.

Now I am going to get a little stitchy time in while the game continues on.

Hope things in your corner of the world are...super!


  1. I saw this article a couple of weeks ago - Suppressing a Sneeze Can Be Dangerous https://www.yahoo.com/news/suppressing-sneeze-dangerous-doctors-warn-235529610.html

  2. Prayers for your and what you find out.

  3. Hello Coni, I'm sorry to hear that your eye is sore again. I don't know if it would help you but, when I have a cold or itchy eyes, I put a thin smear of petroleum jelly over my eyelid and under the eye, and it eases the dryness. It also works on your nose/nostrils when you've been rubbing it vigorously with tissues.
    Best wishes
    Hazel x

  4. May your head cold leave soon. There is nothing worse than a red, tender nose and red eyes. I love my stand by, I don't mean to sell a brand but Puffs Plus, the tissue with lotion in them. When I first met them years ago, I was in doubt that they would help. We are now never without a box in the house for use in head cold situations. See what Costco has that is similar, not selling a brand, just a wonderful concept.

    May you be well soon. Spring is coming.

  5. Yay for Rich! Ours was a house divided last night. Hubby is the Eagles fan and Son is the Patriots fan. Hubby is over the moon for the Eagles' first ever Superbowl and Superbowl win. Son is consoling himself with the Patriots' five past Superbowl wins and seven Superbowl appearances. Me, I enjoyed an audiobook and knitting. :)

  6. Coni, definitely get your eye checked out. Whike the coughing and sneezing are most likely the culprit (aided by the heparin), you want to make sure nothing else is going on. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  7. Puffs Plus my dear for tissues. Worth every penny.

  8. Rich always seems to know what is best. Good man!