Feb 17, 2018


It's just me and the Chicken Sisters here at CS2.  My Jersey Boy is away on business, and I am left to my own devices, which includes a lot of my old bachelorette behavior like sitting around in my pj's stitching all day:
It occurs to me that my recent obsession with dot mandalas must be related somehow to my love and obsession with this piece.  Is it the perfect symmetry?  The movement from inside to outside?  The colors?

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much I appreciate the control my stitching gives me.  My life has been so topsy turvy for such a long time now, that I think I have come to crave the one place where I get to be in the driver's seat.  And, the fact that the pathway is well-ordered and neat and tidy (and pretty, too!) makes me appreciate it even more.

(Hmm....methinks I have just sprouted my next Needlepoint Now column.)

So the Chicken Sisters are back in position this morning, sleeping off last night's revelries:
I came home from dialysis to them shooing a pair of gentlemen callers down the back stairs and the remnants of what looked like quite a party littering the entire living room floor. I would have thought the old girls too mature for such behavior...but this is Spinster World we're talking about, and God knows anything can happen.

I have yet to view any Olympics (!), so my plan is to watch the Opening Ceremonies and then catch up on as much as I can over the next few days.  Rich will be away until Thursday, so it would seem I have plenty of time in between BuzzyBeepy dates and chicken parties.

Here's hoping that your very own coop is fluffed and feathered with all of the things you love!  Happy Saturday!  Come tell me all about it!


  1. That was the sort of good,news I needed today. Thanks. Enjoy your day

  2. Staying in your jammies and stitching the day away sounds absolutely lovely.

  3. Gotta keep track of those chicken sisters!

  4. Stitched friends today, met a couple of new Stitchers. Bliss!!! Great progress on Red Velvet +I think that's the name of yours!!!)

  5. Great progress!! It is absolutely gorgeous!! And I may just stay in my jammies and stitch the day away tomorrow. I worked all weekend but have tomorrow and Tuesday off so they will be my weekend :)

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