Jan 17, 2018


I guess they didn't hear the line as "Nobody puts Spinster in a corner":

They keep changing things up on me, Dearies...my chair time, my techs, my needle size, and now the pod in which I sit.  I used to be on the opposite side of things overlooking the pond.  Now I'm in a far corner overlooking...well...not much.

Hmmmmm.  Wonder if it was something I said?

(I'm sure the crashing and upchucking and infiltrating and whatnot hasn't helped matters any, but Geeze Louise...I'm still new at this and am still learning the proverbial ropes!)

As a matter of fact...I think I've been downright damn delightful!  I don't fidget, I don't do things I'm not supposed to do, and when I come in here after I've lived my life like a marathon running nun on an organic kale farm I'm pleasant, determined, respectful, and compliant.


Maybe that's the problem.

To get the concierge level upgrade, you need to be a squeaky wheel and demand all sorts of special attention or something.


Not gonna do it.  I am perfectly happy to sit here and behave myself because I have a secret weapon that (to my knowledge) nobody else has.

I watch the Flosstube.  

And I visit your blogs and respond to your emails and, as the kids say, I "manage my brand".

So Baby can go dance her socks off out there in front of God and everybody.  Me and MY peeps will be here in the corner doing our thing.

Ciao for now!


  1. Hi Coni,
    Maybe they rotate things around so everyone gets the window seats and the nicer techs is a specific order? Maybe they want more effusive gratitude for a window set? Maybe the computer that does the assignments needs a swift kick in the b****?

    May location be the only issue you have with dialysis today.

    To brighten your dark little corner, I shall expound on the Royal School of Needlework choices I did make. The first week, I will be revisiting crewel work, something I did years ago and enjoyed. That is a 3 day class featuring a peacock medallion. The 2 day class the first week will be stumpwork, which I am drooling to have professional instruction in , and it is the cutest darn thing, an array of candies in whimsical colours. (Must go British here.) The second week, the 3 day is a lovely, elegant and restrained broderie anglaise, and the last 2 days, tambour. I am so eager for professional instruction in that, that I do not care what the design is, I just want to learn the techniques. I am thinking that I will wait to finalize my mother of the groom gown design until I have complete the tambour course, because that might be my preferred method of embellishment on the gown.

    They mean to keep us immersed, with M-F classes during the day, history of embroidery lectures in the evenings, a dinner gathering Thursday evenings, Saturday morning classes, and Sunday evening receptions. My husband mumbled something about taking along a case of beer. I think I mentioned taking along the cappuccino machine....and somewhere in there I have to visit with my girlfriend who lives in Lexington.

    Just know that one of your peeps is keeping you in her prayers.....

  2. Coni dear my darling giant 6'6" sweetie son Joey has the flu with a105.7 temp on Monday. He has been so kind as to share it with me, tho I've only got 101.2 f
    I do not like this sharing thing. Never should have taught him to share lol PLEASE y'all keep us in your prayers. Also if anyone has blogs would it be ok to put ur url so I can have a look see. I don't blog so I can't share but I love reading what everyone is up to.
    Only if Coni says ok though.
    I hope you get to feeling better & have a better view.
    Becca G (Baa)

    1. Becca, 1st sending prayers to you and yours that are ill. 2nd, if you click on names of the posters (i.e. blueladie below) it will take you to their blogs if they have one. Love, hugs & Prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

    2. Thank you for prayers. Also for hint on blogs my brain isn't working­čś»

    3. I hope both of you have seen a doctor. My youngest adult son had a fever and was diagnosed with Influenza A which is nothing to mess around with. He got the necessary meds (Tamiflu) and is getting better, but he was really sick. Take care.

  3. Amen. I second that. AND Bravo! Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. I had a "corner moment " myself today. Sat there for 2 hours giving them a chance, then gave up and went to the front desk "just wondered if I got lost in the system ". Oh boy did they hustle! I'm with you...not gonna scream n shout, they get enough of that. And they apologized profusely! (New system and they're still learning. ..oh yeah,I get it!) At least you had your entertainment...Glad it can keep you company. I need to check out flosstube sometime.

  5. Hope things are going well for you today!! Flosstube, blogs and friends can pretty much turn anything nice :)

  6. Patrick with you most of the time...you are front and center here twirling with him...what a guy! what a gal!
    Over at the fort, just enjoy the quiet corner and fortify
    yourself with your secret weapon and treatment and knowing
    JB awaits you.

  7. It's much easier to take over the world when no one is paying attention to you! Keep up the good work!!!