Jan 17, 2018


I get it, I really do.

It's just a day planner.

Paper and two covers and a metail coil.

A place in which to write appointments and such.

But this particular day planner just made my heart leap right out of my chest, and I cried pitiful tears of sweet hot joy.

Here is the official 2018 Spinster Stitcher Erin Condren Life Planner with custom front and back covers:

And...because I just couldn't leave well enough alone...a sheet of custom stickers.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.....I don't think I've loved something this much since Stewey Himself was here to make every day wonderful.  Now I get to have that feeling every time I plan.  (And yes...those covers are interchangeable from year to year.  I have several different moteefs, but nothing quite this special.)

I don't know if you're interested in this kind of thing, but here's the inside layout that I selected:
I was always a vertical girl, but this year decided to go horizontal.

So now we know what I'll be doing when I get home from dialysis today, if I'm able...moving into this year's book and planning all of my adventures!

I hope your very own Futzingday is expqually as blissful and that something is making your very own skirt blow right up!


  1. Absolutely fabulous! And those stickers are tremendous!

  2. This is absolutely THE MOST FABULOUS keeper. Stewey reminds me of my sweet lil Jake aka "Mr Potato Head". He was the funniest litte "clown" dog he'd run with Tinkerbell & Lacey in the yard jumping back & forth across Lacy's back. Jake's stubby little legs would run full speed just to keep up with the bigger dogs. Jake was a white Jack Russell with black spots & 1 brown one over his eye that looked like a potato. He was a rescue that our Vet gave me as after one look it was LOVE @ 1st sight. Jake began crying when I tried to leave with one of our cats who's turn it was for shots.
    Our vet said PLEASE take him home with you no charge. Jake was a sweet heart who passed way too soon.

  3. Wow! I AM impressed! I love planners too, but I haven't had one since I was working. :) I'd rather be poor and retired. LOLOL. *sigh* Just wish DH were doing a bit better. I digress. This is about you. Praying today will go smoothly and you get to enjoy your planner when you get home. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  4. Dear Coni,
    What a wonderful planner! So glad that you love it. And also hoping that today's dialysis session is going very well. You are always in my prayers.
    So, my skirt is totally blown up today, or to be younger, OMG, this is terrific. The Royal School of Needlework opened bookings today for their summer classes being taught in Lexington, KY. As soon as the clock turned 10 am here I was on line registering for both weeks, a total of 4 courses. Yes, two stitchy weeks in a row with outstanding tutelage learning new techniques..tambour is one of the available classes and what really hooked (no pun intended) me. I cannot wait. My Prince Charming gave me the nod last week, which doesn't mean I asked for permission, but since it was in the category of major expenditure between travel, hotel, tuition, we discussed it. He will come along, as he is sure they have golf courses there too. I am over the moon. Finally, classes I want to take, and a schedule that lets me do it. Yup, we didn't have anything on the calendar already, which usually happens even with simple two day weekend classes, or series classes where we are going to be away for one of the days. Happy, happy, happy. They didn't sell out before I finished booking, the website didn't crash....nope. It all worked, and I already had made reservations at the hotel I wanted in Lexington. We'll drive there, Prince Charming says, which is great as for two whole weeks we will want a car. Still blissfully bouncing on cloud nine.
    Now please, be having a really good day with dialysis and feel well when you come home, and have a perfect rest of your day too.

    Prayers continue.....

    1. Holy crap! I'm blissfully bouncing FOR you! Please please please let us know every single solitary detail...a bucket list adventure, for sure!

  5. Coni, I love your planner and the custom covers and stickers. I actually like the horizontal layout now that I am retired. The teacher planners were always vertical. I am keeping you in my thoughts as you hit the chair on this futzing day.

  6. It's fabulous! You deserve a treat, especially one that touches your heart in such a sweet way, and brings your sweet Master Stewey into your everyday.
    Hope dialysis goes without a hitch today, Coni, and as always prayers and hugs!

  7. Love, Love your planner!! And stickers! So sweet!

  8. A customized planner, that's fantastic! Have fun playing with it.

  9. This is awesome!!!!