Jan 25, 2018


Forest Snowfall
Country Cottage Needleworks
32ct natural linen with polka dots

Stitched along with Miss Priscilla and Miss Chelsea...The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch.

Threads used are different than what's charted:
GAST : Dried Thyme, Chamomile, Dark Chocolate
WDW: Blue Jeans
CC: Roasted Chestnut, Peanut Brittle
RG: Sparkle Braid SK06
DMC: white

Buttons: Jessee James scrapbook embellishments from the amazon
(They had loopy things on the back that I had to snip off with my little bead cutters.)

I'm sorry that you cannot see it in my craptastic photo, but the snow sparkles! I highly recommend Rainbow Gallery Sparkle Braid for sparkly snow, but be sure to use Thread Heaven on it to reduce the amount of money you have to put in your swear jar.

I am hoping to finish this using a combination of techniques from Miss Vonna, Miss Danielle, and Miss Priscilla....stay tuned!  It will either be gorgeous or will be headed to the land of Craft Day Gone Awry.

1:00 appointment today and then home to work on the Prairie Schooler January.  My plan is to work on it until the end of the week, play with my Wendy Moore class piece this weekend, and then pick up Red Velvet Cake for February!

Hope you are well.  I am...hungover and still surly today, but keeping my distance from polite society and just letting it pass.  Meds are changing like crazy at dialysis and methinks this has thrown me into another well for a minute. I know they've been giving me a crap tone of Venofer, which is basically iron, so maybe once my stores get boosted I'll start to feel a little better. 

Buzzy and Beepy were fighting because one of my lines completely clotted off, and Midge was just feeling her oats and decided to scratch the living heck out of my good arm.  We gave them all a good talking to on the way out last night, so hopefully they will all be better behaved tomorrow.  I am also going to switch up my playlist to something a little more soothing, and spend more time watching the Flosstubes rather than sit and fret about big hard things.

So that's the plan...just be a patient and a stitcher and nothing else.  

I hope that your corner of the world is less fraught with big hard things and that you are well and safe and warm and comfortable and dry.  Come tell me all about it!

Oh, and P.S.  Thank you, dear Blogger for fixing yourself overnight.  I'm sorry I ever doubted you and for all of the rotten things I thought about you...


  1. Loving the polka dot linen...totally new idea for me. (I don't get out much! hahaha) One day I'm gonna investigate Flosstube so I can REALLY get in trouble. Continued prayers for you, Coni!

  2. I love your finish! I am also stitching this piece slowly but surely. I switched out the recommended brown on the house roof for CC Cocoa Bean and am deciding whether to use CC Blue Corn or CC Old Blue Jeans for the words (not up to them yet). Sorry to hear about the med changes and issues with your arm. You can get through this!

  3. It looks wonderful and don't forget... so are you. Being just a patient and a stitcher sounds the perfect plan. Xx

  4. Coni dear you can do this just slowly. Feeling a little more alive here I found out it's pnemonia with a dusting of the flu hence the antibiotics that's making me ill. I'll be glad when this cough is gone. It makes getting to the potty an adventure & a dash or perhaps roll is more my style before damage is done. LOL
    Time for a lay down & rest from sitting & resting in the sun all morning. I'm getting more like the cat every day.
    Maybe tomorrow I'll pick up my needle & thread & stitch.

  5. Forest Snowfall is lovely. Sorry to read about you're having so many problems with the meds. Is that normal? Flosstube is a perfect way to relax during your sessions.

  6. Your finish looks great. Thank you for the chuckle about the money and the swear jar! Be good to yourself, Coni!

  7. Take it nice and easy, Coni, and swear as much as you want...you earned it!

  8. Just beautiful! Love the little embellishments. I heard Thread Heaven is stopping production. I love that stuff.

  9. Coni, I'm so happy to see more stitching. I bet that will also start to help perk you up (but the drugs can be a problem, so I hope that gets worked out soon).

    All of you Thread Heaven users, when you run out, start using Bee's wax. It's a natural product anyway.

    1. So far I like Beeswax for cottons; and for silks a different product called Thread Magic (available at Joanns). Just my 2 cents worth.

  10. This post made me smile and you are wonderful :)

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