Jan 4, 2018


Hello, Dearies.

As much as I would love to tell you that my Futzingday was perfectly swell...it was not.

I awoke at 6am to text JB a hearty "Good Morning'" along with a few kissy faces, and just as I was falling back to sleep, the dialysis unit called to see if I wanted to come in early.  I was supposed to go at 4:40 in the pm, but a chair opened up and off I went.

I won't gross you out with the gory details, but it was definitely not pretty,  We lost my blood pressure again, I spent a good amount of time on my head, and then, just for good measure, I upchucked all over everything right there in front of God and everybody.

( Which is my very worst nightmare come true, by the way.)

It came pretty close to me getting a ride in an ambulance to the ER, but it was determined that this might very well be a touch of the flu, combined with an intolerance of dialysis.  Unfortunately, kids, I am just not doing as well on it as I would have hoped between the clotting, the blood pressure drops, the arm, and now this...so keep those prayers coming that I get over the hump.

This, I am loathe to tell you, is pretty rough stuff.

But I also really need to say it again and again...I've got this.  I really do.  I'm not saying that I've got it with any modicum of success at this point, but I really am giving it everything I've got.

One thing I do need to do, though, is address the kidney donation situation.

Many if you have commented or emailed me asking how you can get tested to be a living donor.  I pray that you are never in a position to have to say this, but is it OK for me to admit that I don't even know how to wrap my brain around that kind of love?  Psychologically, I'm just not equipped to say "Cool!  Thanks!  Here's how you do it!"  But medically, I know that it might be the only way to save my life.

So...for those of you who have asked...I am currently enrolled in the Indiana University Health Transplant program. My coordinator is Jane Kinkelaar and she can be reached at 800-382-4602.  You can also visit their website at iuhealth.org to learn more about living donation.  I believe that they will ask you my details as the patient, so here they are:  Coni J Rich.  Date of birth is 4-14-1966.

Finally, I need to share with you that my sister is still very much in the picture as a potential donor for me, but I cannot give you any more details than that.  Her story is not mine to tell, but it's important to me that you not think ill of her...but rather keep her (and Bosco) in your prayers, please.

Geeze, Louise...will you look at me with all of the asking neediness already?  I really don't like this feeling of being flat on my shell at the mercy of the world...but I can promise you that once I'm up again we are going to have the Mo-ther of all parties to celebrate it.

I'm picking out the color scheme now...

If you're in these here parts and are at the wrath of Old Man Winter today, please stay warm and safe and dry.  I'm going to attempt a little upright and a cup of damn good, and then maybe watch the snow fall until Rich gets home tonight.

Cheers, dears!


  1. Ugh! Prayers going up. It really will get better Coni. Just hang on.

  2. Your strength in all of this is amazing and encouraging. Yes, you do have this. I pray it will get easier for you. Please rest and just stay as comfortable as possible.

    Cindy in northern Illinois

  3. Prayers Coni. Prayers for strength and comfort and donors and this all becoming easier for you. Hang in there, as you always do, with grace and style and humor. You got this.

  4. Now that you've lived your worst nightmare, things can only get better. Right? Keep fighting the good fight, Coni.

  5. Very scary Coni, especially alone. Sending hugs, dear girl ♥️

  6. You are in my heart snd my thoughts are with you.
    You are a brave, funny, and living person. XOXO

  7. Cannot type. Thst should have been living

  8. Prayers and positive karma keep heading your way. Keep fighting the good fight. We’ve got your back. Hugs!

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    1. Living is also correct! lol

      Susan Anonymouse

  10. Very scary Coni, sending hugs and prayers

  11. Poor Coni -
    I know next to nothing about dialysis - but I am hoping that it is kind of like so many other medical treatments...a whole lot of trial and error, but once they find the right blend of everything, a whole lot of success.

    In the meantime, it is just a really rough ride. And I am sure it didn't help any that your wonderful Jersey Boy was not there (NOT that he shouldn't be attending to business, just from a purely selfish standpoint - I am not criticizing him in the least).

    Hang in there Coni - there is power of numbers, and you have HUGE numbers in your court!!!!


  12. Coni Dear, prayers always for you, Rich, Bosco & your sis.
    Im in N FL & we had SNOW yesterday. Yes is was just a dusting & was gone by mid afternoon. But it SNOWED!
    It's been bitter cold for us at night in the low 20s all wk & my heat is somehow going under my mobile home instead of in it. Not a good thing @ all 😲.
    Please keep my frozen toes & other bits in your prayers that someone will come & help at no charge.
    Remember girl you've got this & all of us keeping you covered in prayer.

  13. Increased prayer for your miracle, Coni dear. You amaze
    with your gallant spirit and gift of hope. The answer is
    among us...hold fast and keep meeting the challenge. We
    love you.

  14. Hoping that everything turns around with dialysis and that it becomes a breeze! And prayers for you, JB, and your sister and Bosco. Stay warm and safe!

  15. OMG. You could be my daughter! My oldest is just a year younger than you. I wish I could help, but I have so many health issues at this point (I'm 70 with a family health statistics as long as a roll of toilet paper). So I'm not much good to anyone except I AM a prayer warrior and I am fighting for you! Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  16. Sending peace, love, and hugs your way, Coni. That's a seriously rough situation you have to get through. Be as kind to yourself as possible, feel all the feels (whatever they may be), and know we care.

    I have no doubt your sis has good reasons for her actions and I wouldn't dream of judging her. People's lives are complicated and often we can't do things we wish we could do. Hopefully JB will be back soon and can give you some TLC.

  17. I am sorry Coni...I hope that this is just a dialysis 'learning curve' for your body and that things straighten out. I hear ya about the upchucking in public....cause I pee myself every.damn.time.
    There, don`t you feel better now??? *wink*

    xo Mj

  18. Dear Coni,
    Prayers continue. I am glad to know your sister is still in the picture as a potential and pray that whatever issues remain to be resolved in her life come to a positive and helpful conclusion very quickly.
    Sooo...yeah, tossing cookies in public. My wonderful husband and I had only been dating for 3 and a half months, when upon his return from a business trip overseas - and he was coming home with a nasty cold - I planned to stock his fridge with Pa Dutch penicillin - good old Chicken Corn noodle soup - and other things to make him feel better, I came down with a migraine that was unresponsive to my best migraine meds. With his heavy cold, he had to get me to the ER. Made it that far without tossing anything, but while waiting for intake, oh my. He didn't leave my side, and I am thinking, wow, this is so attractive. From then on I knew he was a keeper....was tossing until they finally got the kiddie sized IV in my and got me drugged....
    They won't take my kidney - too old now, and too many health issues. Hopefully, a chain donation can be found from living donors to get this done. I will say that being screened to be a living donor can prove to be lifesaving for people willing to volunteer. Underlying health issues are found, some of which might have suddenly caused death or a serious disability. So, don't be bashful about the neediness or the request....you could save a few lives in the process. And lives of very nice people, indeed.
    We are having a blizzard here, and it is really cold. Hope you are warm and cozy today, and feeling better. And I just want you to know that aqua and coral are my two favorite colors.
    Prayers really continuing,


  19. Prayers for you and your sis, Coni.

  20. Oh my, I know you are making light of what is serious. I am so sorry this isn't going better and am praying things will right themselves. Love, HUG and prayers continue for you and JB

  21. Love you, galfriend! Long time reader, first time commenter! I am going to mosey over to that site to see if my bean is a match for you. When you gave your birthdate, I realized we are fellow Gen X'ers...I'm 1967. Woo hoo! Can't wait for your par-tay!!! ��

  22. Coni, we are not real life friends I think of you as such. I wish I was able to help you in some way.

  23. Well Lord love ya, Coni, this is not going like it should. But then, who's to say how it *should* go. I suspect that dialysis is a world without "should" and "ought". In any case, the Airedale's and I are howling at the moon to make you feel a little better. Duncan, the legendary prince, suggests that you get yourself a nice red Rubber ball that you can chew when you,re bored. As he says, "It works for me." Take care, Robin in Bloomington.

  24. Hmm...those two question marks were supposed to be a happy face with eyes like hearts!!! :)

  25. Coni: Sending well wish's and prayers your way.


  26. Coni, I admire you so much for you courage, grace under pressure, and your good humor. Prayers

  27. Thinking of you always and sending the strength of ten bears xxx

  28. Praying you are on the downside of this hump! It's probably a shock for your body to get all that clean blood so it's taking a while to adjust. I KNOW you've got this...like anything else it's adjustment. Take your time and try to rest in between the sessions until your body gets used to the dialysis. Love and prayers and can't wait to PAR_TEEEE when you are feeling better!

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  30. Prayers for your entire family, Coni. Chin up!

  31. Oh dear! Hope you are over the flu by now. Jeez you really didn't need anything else on your plate!