Jan 5, 2018


I'm Josephine Fox.

And I'm Eleanor Kelly:

We've been part of this crazy spinster ride for quite a while now, and thought we'd take a moment to introduce ourselves.  It looks like we might be stepping in every now and then to fill the proverbial editorial gap here on the blog now that Stewey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so we've been practicing our very best witty banter and reporting skills to get up to the task. So with our very best effort, we'll see what we can do to keep you all informed and entertained with all things Spinster Stitcher. 

It might take us a few days to complete Orientation. After all, we have one tiny brain and no workable fingers between us (giggle giggle), so bear with us while we learn the ropes and interview a suitable administrative assistant.  There's a handsome fellow here that we've ruffled our feathers at a few times, but he seems very unlikely to take on a pair of geriatric talking chickens as a new project.

(But, just a tiny bit of gossip...because that's what we chickens are known for...this fellow does seem to be quite smitten with our spinster and seems to cater to her every silly whim.  The affection is definitely mutual, since she is in the habit of sitting in her Happy Chair...gazing at him adoringly.)

(It's enough to make ordinary chickens toss their nuggets, but we two are very old hopefully romantic chickens...so we don't mind at all.)

We'll write more later, but wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year, all Glad Tidings, and Blessings to you and yours for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018!

With love and chicken kisses,
Josephine and Eleanor
The Chicken Sisters


  1. Delighted to be the first to welcome the Chicken Sisters to the interweb of stitchiness!

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. You have to get a copy of the children's book, "The Chicken Sisters" by Laura Numeroff. They overcome a real problem in their life, and I'm sure your chickens can do the same. Rest well and keep us updated on your progress.

  3. Send them back to the barnyard. Not a good choice.

    1. That's funny...they only have nice things to say about you.

  4. HaHa! You're crazy, Coni! Luv them chickens! Melissa

  5. Very cute sisters...thanks for the check in Ladies ♥️

  6. I'm definitely in for the ride!

  7. Welcome to the family, Chicken Sisters!

  8. Finally! You sisters have been sitting over there watching things for awhile now. Was wondering when you would start sharing “the good stuff!” Welcome to stitchy craziness at its best.

  9. Hello, ladies! Coni, thinking of you and hoping you feel better very soon. I do enjoy your blog and your stories and quips make me chuckle. Love your sense of humor. And, your stitching. Take care!

  10. LOL... looking forward to Chicken Sister Commentary.. They
    certainly recognize a love fest when they see one. Do hope
    as the days progress things become more easeful for you in
    the treatment dept. ,Coni....

  11. Josephine and Eleanor! Love the names!

  12. Replies
    1. They are the namesakes of my grandmothers...dearly departed, wonderful, funny, lovely women that I miss terribly: Mrs. Josephine Arzelma Frazer Loukos and Mrs. Eleanor ? Yenkala Rich.

      I had originally selected Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly because....well...you know, but the girls chirped right up and introduced themselves and I realized that they are not young romcom actors, but rather two little old fiesty ladies.

  13. LMBO @ "It's enough to make ordinary chickens toss their nuggets". So funny. Really love it. sending love, hugs, & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  14. You may or may not know his but I have a flock of 39 laying hens at my house so I feel right at home with Josephine and Eleanor. But I do have to say in the pictures, the vase between them looks like a chicken who lost its head! Ha!