Nov 6, 2017

First, Miss Chris showed up.  

I shed a tear.  I really did, because she happened to walk in at the very moment I was getting ready to make a run for the ladies' and stay there for the duration.  But once Miss Chris got there and sat down  beside me...all was well.

And then...

Miss Beth walked in and introduced herself and I had the sensation that I was finally meeting a family member that I knew I had forever, but had never yet met in person.  Beth is from Pittsburgh, and she is lovely and perfect and wonderful and funny and smart and beautiful and talented and kind and warm and...

Just bliss, I tell ya.  Sitting and chatting and giggling and laughing (and crying) with like-minded souls who just "get it".  Between Miss Chris talking about color or the first time she had to cut a piece of hardanger, to Miss Beth showing us a piece that she had stitched on long car rides with her really was like going home and walking into the kitchen and having a cup of damn good coffee and a long chat with people you loved forever.

I drove home in a complete daze and managed to make it up the steps before collapsing into a puddle of happy tears on the ottoman.  Rich must have been expecting this, because he handed me a tissue, patted me in the head, and then just let me be weepy for a minute or two before serving me crabcakes.

So now I have a few days to get quiet again.  Today is my big annual physical with my family doc who is a dead ringer for Nicole Kidman, and then I am going to take myself to the library for a book. God is my witness...I'm going to get in that Happy Chair and just breathe and re-boot in time  for the big kidney appointment on Friday.

Happy Monday, Dearies!  I hope the week is full of joy and angel kisses of your very own!  Come tell me all about them...


  1. Miss Coni, God had a plan to put those angels right where you needed them and when you needed them. I am so glad your day was joyful. Gotta love those Pittsburgh people - I grew up 25 miles south of there. Have a blessed week and I will be praying for good appointments. Judi in Tulsa

  2. "Happiness walks in through a door you didn't know you left open....." So glad the Angels arrived to cheer you on, bless them..... and then Rich's crabcakes.. perfection

  3. Oh I am so glad you finally met some of those angels I just know have been hovering around you...I hope the appointments are positive and you have a good day! I will be thinking of you on Friday also. xxoo Mj

  4. Glad you are having fun with stitchy friends that get it.
    Good luck with all of your appts this week, hope all goes well.

  5. Have a blessed week and I will be praying for good appointments.


  6. So glad to hear that the day did get better. Nothing like your stitchy family to turn a bad day around :)

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