Nov 2, 2017


I feel like I'm 22 again, and it's the night before my Great Books final at Notre Dame and I'm sitting on the floor of my apartment with the entire semester's reading list of books stacked up around me (one of which was War and Peace) and I said "The exam is tomorrow at 10am.  Surely, I can read all of these before then."

And my friend Tracie Fetters just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Rich will be home tonight, and so far all I've managed to do is make my first cup of damn good and watch Mr. Garret on the Flosstube.  I did, however, figure out how to use Rich's birthday gizmo on the TeeVee, so I was able to get the video started while shoving a load of towels into the washing machine.

If all goes according to plan, I will: change the bed and wash the bedding, re-organize the closet and dresser, scrub the bathroom, re-organize the bathroom cabinets, empty all of the trash, scrub the kitchen, clean out the fridge and freezer, pay bills, organize the budget, do all of the paperwork, make ten calls for Rich, create a marketing plan, write an outline of my book, flip the sofa cushions, wash the magic blankets, dust all of the furniture, tidy the cube room studio, gather everything for the craft fair, go to the grocery, make a lovely dinner, take a shower and get presentable, light some candles, and be sitting in the Happy Chair stitching when he gets hone.


That's all going to happen.

I do need to get somewhat organized for Sunday, though.  I am participating in a craft fair at the Jewish Federation and still need to gather things and get them organized.  This is going to involve a trip over to the house and a fishing expedition through several bins and closets, but hopefully this will be the continuation of my plan for thanking everybody that contributed to the YouCaring fund.  Stay tuned for details on that...

Cold and rainy here today, which means I might end up napping a good part of the afternoon.  My little energy tank is at zee-row, so snoozing becomes more of a necessity than a luxury at this point.

Thanks for indulging my rant last night.  I felt very "Mama Bear" when I heard about some shenanagins going on with some of our beloveds, and felt like I wanted to open my big fat mouth.  I get so much joy and life from you all that I guess I feel the need to stand up every now and then and punch the bullies in the nose.

But enough of that.  Rich calls me Rella...short for Cinderella because I live in a fairy tale world. (I told him that maybe my fairy tale came true and that if he's not careful I'm going to start calling him P. Charming, but that didn't seem to deter him.)  So this Rella is going to skip merrily through the tulips today...thinking and dreaming about pretty things and watching videos of people doing the same thing.

Here's hoping that your very own Thursday is filled with all the things that blow your skirt up and make your heart ding a ling a ling!  

Ciao, for now, my Dearies!


  1. Your dynamic plan; done in just a snap of the finger.. LOL
    But the anticipated skipping through the tulips sounds so
    joyful and not to be skipped over on your agenda. I think
    your Thursday will be as happy as you have made us all...
    Enjoy every moment.

  2. Enjoy your day, Coni. Hope you find the items you are looking for to take to the craft fair.

  3. Have a fun day strolling thru the bins. That's almost as fun as actually stitching :) (well, it is around here anyway, which is why there is an abundance of wip's tucked here and there!) Hope all goes well at your sale.

  4. Have a great day Coni, I loved your prior soapbox rant. Very true indeed. Love coming to see what your up to. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for during your search through your bins. Happy Stitching!!!

  5. Reading with pleasure your blog entry, time stopped for me st the words "write an outline of my book"....there is a book in the future??? I am fist pumping and shouting "YES!!!" in a most unlady-like manner...
    As always, I wish a good day for you, I hope you don`t over-do it. Hoping you feel better and that life is good. xoxo Mj

  6. OMG, you made me tired just reading your should do list and I am not fighting kidney disease. Have fun with whatever you do.

  7. That is quite a to-do list and I hope you didn't even try to compete it :) I am sure Rich doesn't give a hoot if you get any of it done.

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