Nov 3, 2017


Happy Friday, Dearies!  We're off like a herd of very slow and dim-witted turtles this morning.  No matter how much damn good I slurp, I just can't seem to lift the fog.

(Wait...isn't there a tea called Fog Lifter?)

(Maybe I should go on the Amazons and see about ordering a case or two.)

Rich made it home safe and sound and we ate sandwiches and watched the Temple/Navy game before I hit the hay with Flosstube.  That has become my nightly ritual...all tucked in with Vonna and Danielle and Emily and Phillip and Garret...goodness!  It gets cozy and crowded, but I flip from video to video and visit and watch and learn and laugh and just love every minute of it.

Today's plan is to sit at the table and get the mountain of budgets, bills, and paperworks completed.  I've procrastinated it long enough and need to just bite the bullet, pull my socks up, and Then, as a treat for being a real live grown adult, we are going to meet my friends Barney and Norma for Mexican food and dancing.

(I will definitely have the Mexican food, but the dancing?  Not so much.)

(In my next life post kidney, however, I intend to dance my toes off at least once a week.)

Tomorrow's agenda will consist of labwork in the morning and then a final prep for the Sunday craft fair.  My reward for doing so will be dinner with my dear friends Lou and Marissa who are in town for the game.  We went to college together and I was honored to be part of their wedding party, and dear Lou is my literary idol.  He wrote letters to my mom when she was sick and he writes a blog all about their adventures traveling and living, and I devour every word.  They are just gorgeous people, and I can't believe my luck in calling them my friends.

Sunday I will go to the Jewish Federation again and man my little table.  I have some beaded bracelets from forever ago and a few other things, but mostly I am just looking forward to the company of like-minded peoples who enjoy making and creating and futzing and playing with all things crafty.

Rich (or Nurse Ratchett) is watching me carefully and insists that I rest and nap whenever I can.  I am still being very careful not to overdo and have finally learned how to say "I'm sorry, but I need to go close my eyes for a moment" whenever the need arises.  I'm also taking all of my meds, drinking lots of water, and eating well and never fear, Dearies.  I am still hanging in there.

(I feel like death on a stick, mind you, but I'm still hanging in there.)

The big fat elephant in the room is that we're coming up to the 30-year anniversary of my mom's passing and the 1-year anniversary of Stewey's.  Needless to say, I am missing both very very fiercely, but am determined to remember happy things and not spiral back down to the bottom of the well where the big black dog lives.  I know it's OK to be sad and to miss them, but I can't let myself be...paralyzed.

Hmmmm....too much?

I really do need to learn how to filter a bit and not ramble my tiny little brains out on this here blog.  I suspect that you come here for the stitching and other silly shenanagins...not a therapy session.

So to that end, here are a few pics of what's in the stitchy basket:

A bit of a hodgepodge, but I am still out of sorts in that department, it would seem.

I have promised myself to get back to it...eventually.  I am actually feeling a hankering for...Christmas stitching! so maybe a trip through the cube room studio will take place soon.

Long winded today, I'm afraid.  Hope you wore your seatbelt and enjoyed the ride.  The weekend is upon us, dear friends!  Let's do something fun and then come tell each other all about it!


  1. I am an avid reader of everything you have to say Coni and count myself blessed that you share the way you do. It makes me wish that you were my friend. BUT I am so very happy that you have people in your life that care about you and are caring FOR you. It upset me so much back a ways to think you were facing everything alone. Thank you for your willingness to post your wonderful self in words and pictures. Please take care. You have people - up close and personal and far far away who care about you and everything in your life. God Bless! ♥ Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

    1. Ppsssstttt, Miss Cathryn....I have good news and bad news for you. You're aren't my friend, dear.

      You're my family.

      (I'll let you decide which is the good and which is the bad!) 😬

  2. Ramble away Coni! I don't know how I would get through missing my Mom (and the critters that have held a special place in my heart) without my friends to lean on. So just consider us a virtual version of a shoulder to cry on!

  3. Just in case you need some Xmas themed things to stitch, I've been watching someone stitch this advent on Instagram: So adorable!

  4. Please remember this is YOUR blog; share what you like, ramble if you like. I, myself, am coming up on 8 years of my mom's passing and I still miss her so much. She is the only one that had the memories of my childhood as we moved around so much when I was growing up.

    If it weren't for hubby I would take the laptop to bed and watch Flosstube there and laugh until I cry and then laugh some more and then wonderfully drift off to sleep. But he usually is in the living roon with the laptop, catching up on his stuff, watching stuff until he dozes off.
    So glad to hear of your plans with friends this weekend - sounds like fun. As to the stitching it is always there to come back to.

  5. Hi Coni

    what is that first one you are stitching - the tree and is that little hearts all over it? looks like something i need to stitch

  6. Never mind the filter, I, for one, love the no-filter to you and yours, Mj xxoo

  7. Ramble on! It's your blog. While I did start reading because of your needlework, Stewey, and your humour, I keep coming back because of your rambles. And your humour through all your health problems. My Mom has been gone for 3 1/2 years, and it's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in being slow to "get over it already!" as some would put it :-(

  8. Coni, I truly enjoy your ramblings because that is how real life really rolls or at least in our world. So coffee gets the filter and not your blog, okay? They make a coffee called Fog Lifter (it is from Millstone). It is really good stuff. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Coni
    We are here to listen to you (rambling or not) because that is what friends and family do for each other. Just keep typing.
    I understand about the anniversaries. I still miss my first cat. Nothing can or has replaced him.
    I miss my Dad so much and think about him a lot. Recently it was the 24th anniversary of his death and the funeral of a stitching friend. Not a good day at all. But I survived and will continue on. and so will you and tears are allowed.
    Hang in there.


  10. I need to tell you Coni, I check every day to see how you are doing! I also enjoy the stitchy stuff, but I feel like I’m checking in with a friend so I’m glad to listen to everything. One more thing.... I’m pretty sure we never stop missing our Mothers, but I also know they are always with us.

  11. I would love to have the source for the last
    lovely in its form and colors.... Are you saying you have
    done no Christmas themed piece...Our Coni? Heavens to Elizabeth...Dive into the stash, little one. You can
    ramble on to your heart's delight .... we always benefit
    form your wit and wisdom...

    1. Hello, Lovie! The last piece is Harvest of Plenty from Shepherd's Bush!

  12. I love whatever you want to share and enjoy hearing and getting to know you. My dear lady, you still knock my socks with what all you do, with everythinv you are dealing with and yet you remain so upbeat and contine to lift all of us (your readers) up. Totally support you in the earlier "rant". You were very appropriate, I would not have been. Would love to know who/how to support those wronged. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Hugs & prayers continually with you.

  13. Feels so good to be in town, Coni. Thanks for the very kind words. Cannot wait to hug the stuffing outta you!

  14. I actually don't stitch (I'm a knitter) but I do come back because you're so open with your health & feelings. I find your stitching interesting, but I think it's just a fraction of what I hope to read about 💜

  15. Coni, so good to hear you busy with lots of plans. I know the anniversary thing. I have a terrible time with the 4th of July because my daughter died on July 5th, 2005 and the night before were the fireworks so of course that is tied into my sadness. I allow myself that day to just "BE." I make no plans and my husband and I go sit by her grave and just "be" with our Kait. My other daughters understand that July 5 is my day of paralysis. Holidays, birthdays, weddings etc are difficult but we get through them with our faith & remember that she would not want us to spend our time in sadness. Prayers for you these upcoming anniversaries. Allow yourself time to just "BE" for that time & then push yourself back to life. Remember it HONORS their lives. Prayers and Blessings for you & your precious Rick.

  16. Love you and your blog!! Just rambled all you need to if it helps you (or even if it doesn't)! LOL We stitchers need to stick together. Hang in there, one day at a time and look for the joy in the small things. Hugs for you................

  17. Ramble away my dear! And I love each of those stitchy projects!

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