Nov 28, 2017


Yesterday is a bit of a blur. I did a whole lot of absolutely nothing at all, but somehow managed to enjoy doing it.  I slept, I ate, and I watched a lot of Flosstube in the big girl sleigh bed.

It was wonderful.

Sunday in the Happy Chair with Wendy resulted in another area being completed:
This section called for two different shades of Pepper Pot silk, which is new to me.  Two words, if you've never used it before: Like. Bud-da..

Here's the piece as it stands now:
If my calendar is correct, we will receive the next set of notes tomorrow.  The chart, however, is really quite excellent, so if time allows (and if my head clears a bit more), I will plunge ahead.

Today's agenda is to play a Real Housewife of Granger and tidy the apartment, finish the laundry, and get myself cleaned up and dressed before Rich comes home from work.  I think we're having turkey tetrazzini (?) tonight for dinner...something completely new to me, but nonetheless a favorite of Mister Spinster.

Dreams of Stewey and my sister last night...the former very lovely and peaceful, the latter not so much. I swear it's going to take an entire team of therapists to fix what's broken there...but I am hopeful somehow.  As far as Stewey is concerned...he actually speaks to me in my dreams.  He has a British accent and we talk and talk and talk about everything and nothing.  Oh, how I miss him so.  Damn dog.

Tomorrow is budget, bill paying, and paperwork day.  I haul all of my crap out and sit at the dining room table and put things to rights once again.  It occurs to me that I should probably order my book for next year and start to fill it up...guess that means I need to do a little browsing on the Erin Condren site today!

So that's the Tuesday report, Dearies.  A little worse for wear, I think, but still here happy as a clam.  I hope that your very own Tuesday is swell and that you do something fun with someone you love.

Come tell me all about it!


  1. Just so you know - I went to check out your planner site, and they’ve carried the Cyber Monday sale over for today... 30% off! Happy shopping!

  2. Coni, That design is going to be incredible when it is finished, I can just tell.

  3. Haven't heard of Pepper Pot silk, so will check it out! I took a field trip to the frame shop and I am ready to veg out in my happy chair. Enjoy your day!

  4. Glad yesterday went well and you're feeling ok today. I really like your new project. It's fun following your progress. Here's to more r&r for you and more stitching time.

  5. Wendy is going to be a stunner...can tell by the colors
    and intricacy. Glad you felt recovered and up to picking it up and stitch. I am struggling to get my Parisian sampler under the wire in time for the framer's deadline..
    The holiday race seems to be on... Turkey tetrazzini....
    Mr. Spinster (love that title) is such a pleaser... Have
    a great evening....

  6. Love turkey tetrazinni! And Wendy is already stunning.

  7. Coni- You are pushing me to get back to my Wendy piece. I am half done with the Hardanger Model that I am doing for a friend/teacher and then it will be back to Wendy's piece. Keep up the good work! Hugs!!

  8. How is Stewey feeling about Prince Harry's engagement announcement and video?

    1. Nancy...I would imagine him thrilled and on the phone to his haberdasher for a new waistcoat for the occasion!

  9. How gorgeous your stitching is! Can't wait to see more of it :) And glad to see you were feeling up to doing some stitching :)

  10. This is awesome. I’m really into canvas work right now too. Where did you get this paytern

  11. I had to chuckle at you using the phrase "damn dog" again!