Oct 14, 2017


We're having a cozy, quiet morning.  Rich will make something wonderful for dinner (I requested spaghetti and meatballs) and I will go to library guild and lunch with my stitching ladies.  All I need to do is finish the paper and puzzles, grab a shower, and then pack my little stitchy bag and I'm out the door.

Eugenie (the would be my right breast...the left is Beatrice) is fine, but a bit sore.  I gave her an ice pack for a bit last night and methinks there will be minimal bruising.  I will have my family doc take a double look when I go in for my flu shot, but for now I think all is well in that particular department.

The poor girls...between the annual smooshing in the mammograms, the daily restraint of the Fruit of the Loom brassiere contraption, and now this...it's any wonder they haven't made a run for it further than they have. (I discovered that they both have an unfortunate shoe fetish, because sometime in my late 30's they seemed to want to migrate and spend all their time "southward".)

(Oh gravity, you heartless bee-yatch.)

Speaking of boobs...I will be a very big one if I don't take advantage of a rainy Saturday afternoon to get some serious stitching done.  I feel so completely out of sorts and know it's because needle and thread have been so idle.  Must. Fix. That.

Toot sweet.

OK...back to the cozy morning.  Rich looks like he needs a second cup of damn good, and I love having him here to be able to get it for him!  It also makes me feel less guilty for having a second of my own...

Happy Saturday, my Dearies!  I hope you are able to enjoy every single moment of it and that your heart is singing with something wonderful!


  1. LOL at the shoe fetish!! Those babies are so sweet...maybe there is a pup in your future??

  2. Cute picture! Have a good outing to library guild and then lunch! Enjoy your Saturday, Coni!

  3. Too sweet (the pups, not the girls)! Although I am sure the girls are sweet too. [I'll stop now]

    Susan aka Anonymouse

  4. You sound wonderful this morning and it makes me smile. Have a terrific day. Love, hugs and prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  5. Despite the out of sorts vibes, you seem to be smoothly
    into the swing of things with your daily plan and double
    damn goods for you and Rich (I can quaff that sauce from
    here) Hope by day's end you will be content with what your Saturday wrought....

  6. Ha, ha, ha! Glad you were not hit in the head! And that picture is too cute. As for bras, I now wear a size 36 lo-o-o-o-ong! Happy weekend!

  7. Shoe fetish lol! I think mine have a panty fetish! Ha!

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