Oct 15, 2017


It's cold, rainy, and very very grey today here in Hoosierville.  A simply perfect day to stay in the Happy Chair and do my thing.  I awoke feeling poorly and with hands and feet swollen like balloons in the Macy's parade, so methinks that my penance will be lots of water, some stitching, and a ban of anything remotely related to salt.

Play time is over, unfortunately, and I need to pay better attention to what I'm doing if I want to stay out of that dialysis chair a little longer.  I confess to being a bit bad with some of my meal selections, so...back on the wagon I go.  Back to fruits and veggies, my morning bagel, and an OCCASIONAL treat like chicken wings or a cheeseburger.

And water.  Did I mention lots and lots of water?

Other than that, life continues to be swell here in the Little House That Love Built.  We're in a quiet, easy routine that is a lovely and welcome addition to what was previously a quiet, easy, (but a bit lonely) routine.  I babble on aimlessly, Rich watches the TeeVee, and then we get on with the business of living.

This week will be full of labwork and appointments and Rich's birthday on Thursday.  Plans are afoot for a special dinner out and then a cake made entirely of chocolate (per request).  I am completely stumped as to what to get him for a gift, but I'm sure something will come to me in the next day or two.

Here's hoping that your neck of the woods is peaceful and happy and that your needles are flying!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!



  1. Can we see a picture of the two of you?
    Ruth in Oxnard Ca.

  2. The sage thing to do when things get iffy, is to wind down on the food intake...and to step up the guzzling of gallons of water....you are spot on... Save your reserve for that chocolate cake.. Enjoy the serenity and easeful
    pace of the weekend.

  3. Hope the boob is feeling better...I am still cringing over that. Under the weather here, trying to stitch and nodding off...have a wonderful Sunday!! xo

  4. Hope your day is as wonderful as you are and it will be perfect and just in case I forget... Happy Birthday to Rich and God Bless him for watching over you for us. :) Love, hugs and prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  5. Enjoy your peaceful Sunday in the Happy Chair, Coni! Wishing you a bit of stitching, a barrel of water to guzzle, and perhaps a wee snooze!

  6. I am sure a piece of your stitching would be an amazing present for Rich. I am thinking of harvest house or moonlight garden -- something that speaks of the quiet pleasures you share.

    Susan aka Anonymouse

  7. Life is good! I second HOA Mgr Lady's request for a picture of the two of you and blueladie's Happy Birthday to and blessing on Rich for watching over for you for us. I'm starting my first stitchy project, Good Tidings from The Drawn Threat (love all their designs), right now just learning how to put my linen in the Snap Needlework Frame. Dang, it takes such a long time to invent every wheel. I should look into a guild, like the ones you belong to.

  8. I spent yesterday in our nation's capital - I think I'm glad I don't know how many steps I walked!! But I sure an sore today. Wish I could say I had a quiet, stitchy day, but that didn't happen. A nice long nap did, however!

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