Oct 2, 2017


Well, here we are on the first Monday in October.  The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and I am struggling to get my wits about me so that I can begin the week.  Not much going on here in Hoosierville.  We went to Mass and then lunch and came home for the football and a nice long nap.

(That would be me...with the napping.)

Today will be a labwork and errand day, and then tomorrow will be a visit with nephrology to see how I'm progressing and to get my Aranesp shot. (Aranesp is a drug that boosts red blood cells and that costs a gazillion and a half dollars a drop.)

(And it's the drug that Lance Armstrong took.)

(But I look nothing like Lance Armstrong and am pretty sure I would be a spastic disaster on a bicycle.)

Little progress on RVC. 'Scuse the needle and thread, please:

I know that I SHOULD get into my studio and futz and rummage and rummage and futz to come up with a basket of things Halloweenie and Autumnal to play with, but I seem to be stuck in a monogamous mode of stitching lately that I'm finding soothing.

Odd, no?

Well, I suppose I had better scoot.  These labs aren't going to draw themselves and that prescription at the Targets isn't going to magically appear on my doorstep.  But that would be fantastically swell, wouldn't it?

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy, Dearies!  A new week is upon us...let's see what adventures await!


  1. Have a fabulous day, Coni! Hope the labs go smoothly for you. RVC is looking good.

  2. Beautiful stitches!πŸ˜ƒ Have a great day. Love
    MaryO1230 🏡🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘

  3. Does your local pharmacy not do home delivery? Over here we can request this service and all our scripts go from the GP surgery to the pharmacy and then get dropped off at home for the patient. I think it varies from area to area but it's a really useful service.

  4. I hope the labs were easy on you...you always make ma smile, the "spastic disaster on a bicycle" made me laugh...thank you sweet Coni!! xo

  5. Hope the labs go smoothly today. I am really enjoying watching your progress on Red Velvet Cake. The hand-dyed fabric color is so rich (no pun intended!).