Aug 28, 2017


But not the kind you normally think of.  This is me, after all.  The healthiest sick person on the planet, who behaves as though she were a triathalon training nun on an organic kale farm.

Nope, my hangover is of the TeeVee variety.

I binge-watched twenty-four episodes of Billions in the last week and came to the conclusion of Season Two at about 11:00 last night.  If you've never seen or heard of is a series on Showtime  that takes place in the financial/legal world, and it's like watching a big fat complicated chess match.

I don't know how to play chess, and that world is completely foreign to me, so by the time an episode is finished I have a headache from trying to keep up.

But it's riveting stuff and I can't wait to see what happens in Season Three.

And if that weren't enough for my tiny little brain to handle...I decided to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones...yet another chess match and story line that has kept me totally enthralled.

Needless to say, not much stitching was accomplished.  I think I finished about three little blocks on Poppers before I realized that my attention needed to be 100% focused on the darn TeeVee.

Today is paperwork, budget, and bill paying day.  I will sit at the kitchen table and shuffle paper around until my eyes cross and then it will be time for a nap.

Hope your Monday is swell and that your very own week has started on a good note!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Good old Game of Thrones. Little Finger deserved a slower, more tortured ending, but at least he had an ending. More And, had I been playing the GoT drinking game I would have no idea how many shots were needed thanks to the ice dragon. How are we going to make it until the start of Season 8? How??? Without Downton Abbey to get us through the winter, how???

    Hope you get some pool and stitch time in today as well.

    Prayers continue.....

  2. Did paperwork this morning along with a trip to town (bank and post office). I haven't seen Billions (and didn't know it existed until you mentioned it, Coni). We have been binge watching MASH. Enjoy your day!

  3. Don't get HBO or Showtime but binged on "The Fall" on Netflix yesterday while in a Mucinex coma - Man i hate summer colds / waiting for the second shoe to drop the coughing. In fact i have to go back and watch the last episode of the 2nd season because i kept falling asleep. But today is a beautiful - enjoy your time at the pool and happy stitching.

  4. I just discovered Monk through reruns and find the humor
    spot on, the star a consummate clown and the Captain
    a perfectly timed side-kick...The whole cast is well polished...Good to laugh again at clever humor....

  5. oh yes, GOT and Billions...two favorites! Also, Ray Donovon, Ozark, and Atypical...all wonderful and I recommend them <3

  6. I'm in hangover territory too, but my problem is related to a new purchase - my first ever laptop, which came with Windows 10 installed. I'm on a very steep learning curve!

  7. Well, this in and of itself isn't particularly fun, but it is in preparation for something one.

    Yesterday I sent in all of our final counts for our second annual stitching retreat for my local stitching group!!!!

    CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  8. I have Billions written down on a list somewhere to watch eventually. Maybe I should move it up the list :) And I have yet to watch the Game Of Thrones finale. I am trying to savor this season as long as possible and still have the last 2 episodes to watch. It was so good this season!

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