Jun 18, 2017


I managed to make it to the Martin's and not much else yesterday.  I decided to grab some Gatorade and a lovely salad for dinner, so off I went.

The trip was without incident, but one of the Real Housewives of Granger stopped me in the juice aisle as I was perusing the Gatorade and said "You know they make that in a calorie free version" without even a hint of "Gee, maybe this huge enormous sweaty woman with a salad in her little cart has had a rough week moving all of her crap into an apartment and is on the verge of a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown over leaving her little dream house in The Forest and perhaps she has had an even rougher go of it medically, so maybe I should just mind my skinny business and go pay twice as much for my organic bananas and be done with it."

But the tip was actually helpful, so I just thanked her, grabbed the neon colored G2 version of what was directly in front if me and got the h-e-double-toothpicks outta there.

For the record, it was actually pretty good and seemed to do the trick.  No cramps last night, even though I felt like they could have returned at any moment.

A Saturday of doing absolutely nothing looks like it might be followed by a Sunday of exactly the same.  I am suddenly so tired I can barely move, so methinks it will be yet another lasagna day.  I might just lounge myself right into a few snoozy naps and another salad later this afternoon.

Next week is a trip to House of Stitches, so I know that a new project is on the horizon.  I honestly don't know when my last stitching session was, but I feel like a parent with a beloved child away at camp.  Oh, how I've missed her so!  I just need to get her room finished for her so that when she finally returns there will be lots and lots of play time!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!  I gave mine a little wave and blew a kiss to his picture this morning on my way to fetch the paper.  Kiss your dads, husbands, brothers, sons, nephews, grandfathers and uncles today if you can and come tell me all about it!


  1. OH my goodness. I think the lady in the grocery store has a sister in NJ. I was out to dinner and the woman sitting at the table next to ours found it necessary to lean over and tell me the reason I was over-weight was because I drank during my meal. I looked at my unsweetened ice tea and then her FAT husband's 20oz glass of beer and looked her right in the eyes and said I think you are talking to the wrong person....with a kiss my butt smile. Seriously?

    You have a fabulous Sunday and take a few naps. Tomorrow is another day.....

  2. I'm always astounded when people feel they can make you adhere to their standards. I once had a woman tell me to take something out of my cart and put it back because "you don't need that. It's too expensive." Frankly, she could have spent a little money on soap, if you know what I mean, but, being a lady, I kept that to myself.

    Have a lovely lazy Sunday!

  3. People need to mind their own business most of the time. I don't think people who say stuff like that are ever doing it "out of kindness", it isn't kind! Must be nice to know it all, I certainly don't. Have a wonderful day, Coni.

  4. I am not as nice. She would have been in tears by the time I finished with her. I have been told I am very articulate when I am angry. I suppose that means when I am not angry I am a blubbering idiot. Oh well.

  5. Had my sister in the hospital last week and sitting outside the cafeteria were seven nurses, each extremely overweight, all drinking diet soda.

  6. I just finished talking with my dad on the phone. He will be 91 this year and is 600 and some miles from me. The boys are still around home (3) so they keep an eye out for him and my stepmom. My sister and I both moved. Me with DH and her to Florida for health reasons. I wish you a peaceful well day, Coni. ♥ Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  7. Indiana Robin here. Do you know, yet, what your new project is going to be Coni? Charted? Painted canvas? Seasonal? Classic? You have a wonderful stash, of course, but since it's still in boxes, what better reason to buy something(s) NEW! You need to rest up NOW so you can Go Shopping. I'm excited just thinking about it. Wishing you all the stitchy best, Robin

  8. G2, what I drink in the summer. Really helps with cramping. Orange, grape and fruit punch are my favorites.

    Have a nice relaxing day.

  9. Coni, may no mind to the woman in the store. There are some people who feel the need to express their opinions to everyone without putting a filter on their thoughts and mouths. Rest today; the unpacking will still be waiting. Thinking of you!

  10. Great to hear you are planning a visit to the needlework store. It's always nice to get a new project. Those ladies are everywhere. I live in NC (hot & humid) and have natural curly hair and a lady stopped me and told me about a great hairdresser. I replied with this-when I have been at the salon people have told me people pay big bucks but will never have curls as good as mine. ����


  11. I am continually amazed at the audacity of people. The amount of knowledge that seems to be given to a select few while the rest of us are just waiting for that piece of advice that we 'needed'!! I can remember one woman who decided to lecture my daughter ( who was 8 months pregnant at the time) about the types of food she was buying ( for her family that included 2 teen aged boys) to the point she was reduced to tears. Ok. I'm off the soapbox! Coni, you are doing great! So glad you were able to get out & a new project always makes one feel just a bit better!! Hugs!

  12. Coni, enjoy your trip to House Of Stitches. I've heard that is a wonderful shop, and have been wanting to visit there for a couple of years. I'm from southern Illinois, and we no longer have any cross stitch shops anywhere around here or in St. Louis. Take your time and check everything out verryyy carefully. Hope you find something really beautiful. Congrats on a pretty smooth move to your new home. Take your time settling in. Everything will wait patiently for you to get to it.

  13. Wow. Some people! It's been my observation that 'mean' and 'stupid' often go hand-in-hand. You're experience further confirms it. Pay that female dog no mind.
    Looking forward to seeing the new project. Take your time settling in;all will be well.

  14. It is amazing what comes out of some people's mouths! Glad you were crampless! Hope that keeps up :)

  15. You know, busybodies are always saying the strangest things to me and to others when I go to the store. I love the way you reduced the sting of her snottiness to utter hilarity: trust you!
    I'm sure that you experienced the leg cramps because you are overtired...the physical and mental strain of 'the move' has been tremendous. The think you have to allow yourself a few " 'g' as in lasagna" days here and there. You deserve some downtime, Sweetheart!

  16. People are something else. I had taken my then 80 year old dad to lunch one day & two old church last types at the next table started talking LOUDLY about old fools with young girls. (mind you, I'm in my 40s) I leaned over and sweetly said "Isn't that awful? I get that a lot when we're out together and it's really funny to me because I thought I looked enough like him for it to be obvious he's my DADDY, not a sugar daddy!" The guffaws from my dad & the 2 older gentlemen at the table behind us were the icing on the cake.

    Cheers, my dear! You're doing remarkably well and we're all rooting for you.


    1. That should be church LADY types. I need to quit posting from my not-so-smart phone.

  17. Enjoy your trip to HoS! Would love to tag along! I haven't been in ages!