May 21, 2017


I had such a lovely day yesterday that I decided to extend the fun a little and keep enjoying Poppers:
No real progress, I'm afraid.  The two blocks that I completed at the stitch-in were in the wrong place, so they came out and I never made it back to forward momentum.

Today, though, I think I will get back to it after a little breakfast/lunch.  The sun is shining and Stewey is on his perch supervising, so a stitchy Sunday 'twil be!

Tomorrow begins the daily task countdown to moving day.  My only jobs tomorrow are labwork and painting the patio chairs, so methinks I have a good shot at getting a positive start under my belt!

The rest of the week, though, is a total crap shoot.

Here's hoping that your Sunday is everything you hope it will be!  Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Fun but exhausted garden work today. However, three hours, at least, of stitch fun watching Call the Midwife and Dark Angel...Anna Bates, how could you?!?!

  2. Going to start my Poppers, how long should I cut the thread for those small threads? Don't want to waste thread.

    1. Terri, I have always used a working length of about eighteen inches or so and have never had a problem. Hope you will share pics of your progress!

  3. Nothing fun happening here at The Horton House as I have been spending my days with my hubby in the hospital.

  4. Poppers is looking good although I am sorry you had to reverse stitch.

  5. The colors in Poppers are so much fun! Looks awesome!

  6. Looking good, Coni! I just noticed Mary Corbett posted an article on "picking out stitching" a couple of days ago so it must be floating around in the ozone this week.

  7. I just saw this fabulous pillow and immediately thought of you.