May 20, 2017


I went stitching this morning with Misses Jane and Charlene and then ran a quick errand to the Targets, and came home for what I thought was going to be a short snoozy nap in the big girl sleigh bed.

Five hours later, and I am sitting here wondering if I was really that tired, or if it was the cool rainy day that did it to me.

I had the funniest dream, it I was mom to two children.  One was a teenaged boy who really wanted to move his bedroom to the basement, and the other was a little blonde girl named Gert.  And I wanted to buy them a hampster or gerbil, but I had to know if they both wanted a hampster or gerbil, and more importantly, whether or not they would be able to pick up the hampster or gerbil since I. could. not.

No way, no how.  I wasn't going to be able to pick up a hampster or a gerbil and this was going to be an issue for sure if the little fellow ever escaped his cage and needed to be put back into it forthwith.

And just as my teenage son was giving me a hard time for not being able to pick up a hampster or a gerbil, the door opened and my husband (their father) walked in and said "Son, why are you giving your mom a hard time about not being able to pick up a hampster or a gerbil?" and I woke up.


Do you suppose it's time we upped my meds?


  1. Hmmmmm... Good thing it was a dream

  2. Definitely going hmmmmm here. ;) Love, hugs & Prayers, Cathryn ♥

  3. Was your husband JDM?

    Susan (aka Anonymous)

  4. Upping my meds just caused more lucid dreaming,but didn't help anything. And by the way, I meant to write an essay on the evils of procrastinating, but never got around to it.....
    Wishing you a great Sunday of whatever you feel like doing.
    Hugs and Prayers.

  5. Some dreams are more random than others. My guess is that this one is suggesting to you that you might be, gradually, preparing for the possibility of another little furry four-legged companion in your life. Will your new habitat, Chez Spinster #2, accommodate anything larger and more controllable than a gerbil? Because, as we both know, talking out loud to an animal really does beat talking to oneself!

  6. Dreams mean nothing they are random ideas just floating in your sleep. If it was nice enjoy the remembering after, if horrible forget! I hate most when you are waken from a nice dream and can not get back to it very annoying.

  7. Dreams are strange creatures. Perhaps your hamster or gerbil is actually the task you have ahead of you of moving and maybe your children are actually the extra help you need with moving. If I lived closer I would be over to help you in a heartbeat!

  8. Yep, I would be there to help you pack & move - Kathleen

  9. Some psychoanalysts believe that every character in a dream is a part of you. If that's true, then maybe you're warning yourself (or the less responsible and reliable parts of yourself, represented by children) that there may be things that happen in the future that they will have to step up and deal with. There's a sense of urgency, even anxiety, to the situation. But then another part of you--one that's near and dear, and probably knows you better than anyone--interjects that having things in your life that are hard to deal with isn't anything to be embarrassed about. That's a pretty hopeful and positive note to end a dream on. :)