May 11, 2017


Who knew that polka dots on toes could be so popular?!

You, too can have polka dots on your toes.  It's a very very complicated procedure, but if you're willing to brave it, the end result is worth it, I promise.

Step 1: Go find a bobby pin. (I think these are also called hair pins.  You know...the things that you use to hold errant bangs out of the way or, if you're like me, the things that your mom used to put all over your head at night with little pin curls tucked into.)

Step 2: Open/straighten the pin.

Step 3: Dip it in the polish color that you want for the polka dots. (I put a blob or two onto a flat piece of plastic to make it easier.)

Step 4: Make polka dots on your toes.

Yup.  You got it.  Do it yourself fabulousness right there, kids.  I do my nails myself because a) I enjoy doing it and b) it's a test to see if I can still actually reach my toes, but any qualified toenail professional can bling you right up.

I always like the idea of something crazy/whimsical/fancy on my toes since I am the only one that sees them and think of them as the equivalent if a racy pair of red underpants under a  conservative and sensible black suit.  Crazy, I know, but it's about as wild as this old gal is able to get.  Visions of a motorcycle, a Stewey tattoo, and a boyfriend named Jeffrey Dean will just have to wait until I'm a little older.  For now, I've got other stuff for my polka dots to be doing.

OK, heading back to the big girl sleigh bed now.  I got up to get a damn good cup of coffee and check emails, but methinks I need to go finish sleeping.

Happy Thursday, dearies!  Do something fabulous and come tell me all about it!


  1. OK, the fact that you can touch your toes has me impressed, let alone dot 'em up. My bendability got up and went a long time ago ;). -p.

  2. I second that - if only I could touch my toes again! The back is the second thing to go right after the mind - only good things about that is since the mind is gone you don't remember the back is gone until you bend over to pick something up! Have a wonderful day of rest after the last two stressful days you have had.

  3. Oh Coni, thanks for the chuckle. Loved your comparison of the polka dots on your toes to racy red underpants. Have a restful day!

  4. Happy Thursday Coni and everyone! Have some finishing projects today and a graduation gift to make so off I go. (Which by the way has polkadot fabric!) (Ever the procrastinator lol!)

  5. Darling girl now I know your secret I'm going to ask #2 son to dot my toes, no way I can reach them with this back or tummy although at least I can still see them lol. Racey red underpants no but Hot Pink yes! Sadly, bought but never worn πŸ˜‰
    Almost finished sewing my beautiful Sea Blue blouse it's coming along slowly. Alas no hand stitching here as the back is knotted up & a wee painful, dang those bulging disks 😝
    Hope your day improves after your DGC.

  6. Ohhh , what a clever idea! I've got bobby pins on the shopping list, so I can dot my toes! Go for it with the Stewey tattoo....I've got three and I had the first one when I was in my forties.

  7. How clever! But alas no racy underwear or polka-dot nails for me.shaky hands and I might end up with stripes who knows where! I don't think they make enough polish remover or cotton balls to take care of what I might end up with! :) hugs and prayers, Cathryn

  8. Oh how fun! I might have to have some polka dot toes for the summer I think :)

  9. Coni, the red underpants, sig big girl, of course, in this post reminded me of what I wore on Thursday and thought you might like this one as well. I have a new job that requires my nursey scrubs to go away and be replaced with "business casual". Well, okay I CAN do it, except when a very bright and pretty blue bra meets up with a lovely springy and quite lightweight ecru colored top! You are the one person in this here world I thought would get a giggle! And Betty, well, who cares! Hope you enjoyed my business dress debacle of this week! Keep your chin up hun, and happy stitching!