Mar 12, 2017


1. I think that the designer of this painted canvas is Patty Mann:
I need to figure out a stitch and threads for the checkerboard border and then this will be finished after some loooong years!  I am leaning toward black ultrasuede squares sewn on,  but am at a complete loss for the white squares.  (Suggestions welcome!)

2. This is a painted canvas by Cooper Oaks:
I'm thinking of doing everything in tent and doing the flowers in ribbons.  But that would mean that I would have to learn to do ribbon work!

3. Poppers by Needle Delights Originals...counted canvas:

4. This is definitely one of my very oldest WIPs...Big Zipper by Bent Creek:

5. I thought I was going to re-start this next one on different linen and had selected a light grey that I thought would look better, but now that I've seen Picture This Plus's Wren, I keep thinking that it might be a lovely alternative.  This is Alphabets by The Drawn Thread:

6. Flowers Awake by Rosewood Manor on Barnwood linen:

7. And my progress on Printemps by Birds of a Feather. Getting there, surely but slowly!

I had a marathon planning/paperwork session at the dining room table today to try to get a little more organized.  If I can manage it physically, I am going to start some Spring cleaning this week.  If I stick to my plan, I will celebrate my birthday (which happens to fall on Good Friday this year) with a spotless house, purged closets, sparkly baseboards and windows, and a tidy studio!

Pray for me, kids...this is going to be rough!  I do promise, though, that if I can't handle it (which I will know tomorrow morning after about fifteen minutes), I'll call for help and get an army of trained professionals in here to do a proper job of it.

I'll leave you with a picture of sippy cup.  I received my fancy new silicone ice cube trays from the Amazon and think their big cubey-ness is swell!
One of these days I'm going to pick up a few more of these sippy cups from the Targets so I might give this one a rest.  He's in continual use, and has so far managed to hold up pretty well with nightly scrubbings, but I should probably have a back up!

So that's the report for the day, my dearies.  Only one ugly cry so far, so I might be making progress. I was fine until I opened the ziploc of turkey bacon to use on my sandwich and waited for Stewey to come around the corner for a piece.  I swear, he could be sound asleep in his little fort under the bed and still hear that bag opening to bekon him to the kitchen!

Oh, how I miss my BabyDear....

Here's hoping that your Sunday has been swell.  I am going to get back to The West Wing and stitching!


  1. Coni, what inspiring projects! I could swear you did some ribbon work in the past year, didn't you?

  2. Great projects. Like them all. The cooper and the poppers have such lovely colors! The housekeeping idea sounds great!!!

  3. Great progress on Printemps and Poppers always reminded me
    of your signature forte.... Take it slow with clearing
    the decks...perhaps the heavier detail can be handled by
    the pros....... Sounds as though you have had a good Sunday and that was faithful Stewey just reminding you that you cannot open the Ziploc of turkey bacon without
    his giving you a that gentleman....

  4. It sounds like you should have a party with the Merry Maids, then you could enjoy all the stitching you have planned.

  5. Wow, I think you have a crowd of fans that don't want you to hurt yourself cleaning. I am going to join the ranks as I have had to call the pros for me due to lack of energy and I didn't want the physicians to get all of my spending money.

  6. I love the Patti Mann canvas. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm making good progress on the project I started this week. Hoping we both make good progress this week ;)

  7. Great basket of projects. I am all for calling in for help....I may start to do some of that myself.

  8. Lots of great stitching there. Love your sippy cup and the lemon makes it very inviting doesn't it? I understand your missing Stewey. I do too, but he wasn't mine.... I still think I see some of my past furbabies out of the corner of my eye. Sending... hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  9. Beautiful spring stitching! And it is those little turkey bacon moments that hurt the most. Hugs!

  10. I think getting a back up or two (or several) for Bubba is a great idea. Your spring basket of projects looks super, Coni and I look forward to seeing your process on each one. Good thinking on calling in the reinforcements for the help with cleaning. Save your energy for the important stuff -- stitching, reading, and puzzle solving.

  11. I love that you do needlepoint and cross stitch, so do I! The variety of your projects is great. Maybe a Rhodes stitch or a waffle in the white border? I love the way ribbon work looks, but have never tried it. I so understand missing your baby, their personalities are so unique and special. I miss all of mine for different reasons.
    Good luck with the cleaning!

  12. Love the projects and can't wait to see what you can come up with. Dust bunnies can wait, stitching and taking care of yourself can't. Enjoy.

  13. Your projects are wonderful. I have been on a severe decluttering binge yet my house still looks the same, how is that?

  14. Lovely projects! I will celebrate your Birthday by going to neighborhood wide yard sales (they always have them on Good Friday) So while your clean and uncluttered, I'll be dragging the goods home LOL! I feel your pain on those little moments, I have them too...I hear a noise in the night and I always think it is my fuzz-bucket and she has been gone 18 months. Big hugs!

  15. How about Neon Rays or some other flat thread laid in long rows for the Patty Mann canvas?

    Love your choices

  16. What about doing some zigzag white squares in the Patty Mann piece? Could use a satin stitch in white or a bargello stitch. It might be a nice compliment to the black squares. Just a thought. Take care and don't overdo with the cleaning; it is not worth getting yourself down. (That's what I tell myself anytime I think about doing some cleaning, which isn't very often!! LOL) I gave up and hired a couple of younger gals to come in once a month and clean. Love it!!