Mar 13, 2017


I've named my Spring girl piece "Patricia".

(Pronounced "pa treet see ya").

So far, Patricia is one big pain in my heiney today.  I fussed and frettered with her q-snaps last night, and even gave her some pretty fabric strips to protect her stitches, but I just couldn't get her situated comfortably to get to that left side.
I'll try again, but if she doesn't behave herself...I'm going back to Winter Quakers!

Mother Nature agrees with me:

So that's the report for today.  Fussing and frettering and stitching and drinking hot tea.  I have Church Guild tonight but am not feeling quite well enough to go, so methinks I will cocoon a bit and sit this one out.

Hope you are all well and warm and safe and dry in your little corner of the world.  Happy Monday!


  1. Sorry "pa treet see ya" is causing you difficulties! Hopefully she behaves herself today although I would love to see more of Winter Quaker. Stay warm and hunkered down, Coni!

  2. Have you seen Vonna's Roll-a-frame video? You might want to give them a try for your Printemps project.

  3. Could you turn it upside down and stitch on it that way?

  4. Feel better!

    My sister's birthday is tomorrow and her name is Patricia. Our mother pronounced it almost the same way: pat-TREE - seeya. Since she's spent her life in Texas, mostly now she gets called "PAY-yut."

  5. Glad you decided to sit out the Guild gathering this evening, in light of the weather and not feeling up to it. Depending upon the stiches that you are doing on
    Patreetseeya, some can be cumbersome to accomplish with the snaps creating an elevated barrier under your wrist.
    Hope you find a way ....

  6. She is looking lovely though! Hope you are feeling better today.

  7. What are the pink ties you have on your qsnap?

    1. Hello, J! They are elastic hair bands from Target. I roll the excess linen and tuck it under to keep it out of the way while stitching!

  8. What about turning Pa treet see ya upside down? (This suggestion comes from someone who wouldn't know silk floss from dental floss, so feel free to laugh at it....)