Jan 1, 2017


Dear Making Memories Plastic Craft Storage Jar Manufacturing Company:

You guys are killing me.

You used to make plastic craft storage jars that were sold in packs of three at the Michael's and on the Amazons.  They're about the size of a dill pickle jar, they have a simple silver metal lid, and they are the perfect size to put a year of orts in.
See?  Perfectly suited for their purpose.

OK.  I confess.  I kinda fell down on the job in 2014 and I stashed my orts in Crystal Lite containers.  I did this because I kept forgetting to go to the Michael's or onto the Amazons to get more plastic craft storage jars.

But today I decided to do just that, and I eyed the orts from 2014 , 2015, and 2016 and said "Be back in a minute, fellas!  I'm off to the Michael's to get a three pack of plastic craft storage jars to get you guys all organized and labeled and tidy!"

And off I went with a song in my heart and new batteries in my little label maker...ready for the new plastic craft storage jars that I was sure were waiting for me at the Michael's.

Wanna know what I ended up with?
Yes, it's a three pack.  And yes, these plastic craft storage jars are plastic and have silver metal lids, but can we just be honest for a minute?  As lovely as these are...they just aren't...right.  They don't match the previous five years' worth of jars (which is giving me hives as I contemplate this), they are three different sizes, and even the biggest one wasn't adequate to house 2016's orts.

I spent the better part of the day on my iPad thingie trying to find the Making Memories Plastic Craft Storage Jars, and about an hour ago I discovered that you stopped making this item some time ago and that nobody on the planet has any left.

Gentlemen, I beg you.  Could you PLEASE help a spinster out and re-consider your discontinuation of these darn jars so that I can fix the nightmare below?

Coni J. Rich, Her Very Crazy Compulsive Little Self
The Spinster Stitcher


  1. You have my commiserations. I know exactly how you feel. They don't match, so they're not right.

  2. Oh no! Those are so pretty too. This is why I buy the cheap plastic jars from the dollar store.Every holiday they usually have them with a color plastic lid & some dopey holiday design on them. I like the red or aqua lids best. The size is perfect for sugar or sweetener pkgs or rice or short pasta or beans or threads or buttons plus they are 1.00 each score! What are orts & why do you save them? Blessings Baa

  3. Something is mis-aligned in the planets.
    Don't you just hate that?
    You find something you really, REALLY like and find more uses for them, then you go back and they "don't make them anymore".
    I know that puts a bee in my bonnet too. :)
    Same thing with food, you find something you like and poof, it's gone off the shelves. next time you go back.
    Maybe you can contact the company and voice your opinion. :)

  4. You'll just have to replace all of them with something else. Love, your OCD friend in Georgia

  5. Ugh, I hear you!! One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when things get discontinued..I've had favorite lipstick shades, nail polish shades, bra styles ( and lets face it, shopping for bras is a nightmare so if you find the perfect one you need to buy 500) I hope by some miracle you find those jars!! Otherwise you'll have to start over with something else so they all match :D

  6. I hate it when they discontinue something and don't give notice so one can stockpile. Hmmm, I wonder if they make plastic mason jars.

  7. Oh, don't get me started on discontinued items! Can you say, major bummer?!

  8. On an entirely different note - where did you get those great DEEP shelves that would be wonderful for storing my threads which are currently stacked in a corner in Michael's storage containers that are too big for most shelves. Shoot, now I have to go get more containers just in case Michael's stops making them.

  9. Oh Coni, I hate when that happens! Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  10. On the slim chance I could help, I checked eBay..no go...
    so sorry. I know the feeling of having things in place, only to have a wrench fall in. Hopefully some outlet will
    have them or something close. Bon chance, Coni.....

  11. I hate that. It's like when they discontinue the perfume or lipstick that you love. Bah!

  12. I feel ya Coni...I still haven't stopped grieving over Wocoal discontinuing my bra 20 years ago.
    Maybe this will work for you...I have a bunch of these guys and they work great...https://www.amazon.com/Craft-Keepers-Jars-Embellishments-2-625-X4-875/dp/B002XE82HO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1483385327&sr=8-3&keywords=doodlebug+designs+craft+keepers
    I'm impressed by that ORTs collection!
    Good Luck

  13. I store most threads by type in Rubbermaid style shoe boxes and I've never been able to get the same style twice. So it's all been a mishmash of boxes on my shelves for over 25 years. Whatever, I can live with it, it's a first world problem right?

  14. They are great jars, who would stop making them? I put all my yarn bits into a big grape vine ball and hung it in a tree for the birds to use in their nests.

  15. As I was reading this I was going to google them for you and be your hero! Sadly you already did that and came up empty! Have you tried eBay?
    Anyway Coni happy new year you strong, brave, incredibly talented woman!
    Ruth in Oxnard Ca.

  16. I'm with you, the second something doesn't "match" I get crazy! I checked the bay of evil and they don't even have them there. I'm sure someone somewhere wants to destash theirs!

    It's an evil plot to get more of your $. Makes me glad i put mine out for the birds to use in their nests each spring.

  17. Conical, I have had one of those days. I have not seen the computer for a few days. So I decided to take a look and stop by to visit and I will thank you for giving me a giggle that I so needed.

  18. See,what I mean about my day?! I meant to type Coni

  19. See,what I mean about my day?! I meant to type Coni

  20. Conical, I have had one of those days. I have not seen the computer for a few days. So I decided to take a look and stop by to visit and I will thank you for giving me a giggle that I so needed.

  21. Isn't that the way! Maybe have a look on ebay, someone may have some for sale. Hope you are able to find some!

  22. I sympathize with you! I just recently wasn't able to find the daily face moisturizer that I have used for years and a tea I like at Wal-Marts; I am hoping that they were just temporarily out and that they are not unavailable. Oh, the frustrations in life. Hang in there..............

  23. I have no idea what orts are (leftover strings?) but I do have some of those jars to spare! Please email me your address and I'll send them to you.

  24. Why not switch to Mason jars? They will never quit making those!!
    There are many sizes to choose from.
    Have a Happy and Healthy 2017!!