Sep 28, 2016


Kind of a cool, cloudy day here in very favorite.  I'm actually thinking about lighting the fireplace to see if Stewey will want to enjoy a few hours toasting his very tiny little buns.  For now, though, he seems quite content to hang out in his little bed in front of the patio window:
The bit of blue that you see on his leg is a "compression bandage" that I MacGivered to help with the swelling.  The tumor is causing a problem with blood flow, so applying the bangage is supposed to help...almost like support panty hose.  Fortunately, he doesn't seem to mind it at all, and I think it is really helping.

You know Stewey...anything to accessorize a look.

Progress on Vaceila continues.  I keep thinking that I'm going to get bored with her and want a change of pace, but so far, so good.  Maybe I'll just keep going until the bitter end:

I had a very happy trip to the Michael's yesterday morning.  I ran out of the DMC gold metallic thread and figured I would have to order it, but lo and behold, there it was right there in the stitchy aisle!  I think I even danced a little jig right there in front of God and everybody, since it meant that I was able to come home and continue stitching without having to fret.

Who's happier than me?

Hope your Futzingday is equally as lovely.  Do something fun and come tell us all about it!


  1. Ahhhhhhh Futzing day.... rainy here just the south and east of you. So no going out and futzing. Guess I'll just have to futz at my computer. Vaceila is looking lovely. You stitch so fast. Wish I could, but I'm slower than molasses. Glad to see that Stewey's accessories are useful. Hugs & prayers, -Cathryn

  2. Vaciella is looking good! So is sweet Stewey all snuggled up in his bed. -Annie

  3. You seem to like Michael's quite a bit. I live near one that is always out of whatever I need, and has also cut back on the "stitchy stuff". If you are ever in the neighborhood of a Hobby Lobby, be sure to check them out. They have lots of fun stuff as well!

  4. It is beautiful!! You are making great progress :)

  5. I'm a bit late to Futzing Day. It was gray and drizzly yesterday and it continues on today. Vaceila is looking super. Glad you were able to find the necessary thread!

  6. Stewey knows that red is the new black and his coat really
    stands out on it, not to mention the blue bracelet. Your
    Vaceila is coming along fast and beautifully and your getting the gold was a plus to maintain the momentum. Hope you are feeling more perky.

  7. You stitch so fast!! I'm sorry Stewey hasn't felt like hijacking your ipad and sneaking in a post. I can't decide who is or him!! I look forward to your posts everyday. I'm sending daily prayers for you and Stewey...

  8. Kisses and hugs to Stewey <3
    Vaceila is just gorgeous...and your progress is amazing!

  9. Nice progress. It's nice to be able to find what you need locally, especially since most of the craft stores have cut back the stitchy supplies. Continued prayers for the little mister.