Aug 19, 2016


In case you were wondering (and I just know you were), despite my status as a portly, yet lovable spinster, I do, from time to time, take a gander at the menfolk that pop up on the TeeVee.

For many years now, the one and only (OK, maybe one of many) that has captured my heart is the actor and soon to be known as the Former Mr. Spinster...Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

But for the last few days I find myself pining for and obsessively Googling (and oogling) another.  I am bewitched.  En-sore-sulled.  Completely captivated.  Last night, as I gazed fondly at my new crush, I actually felt a little case of the vapours come upon me.

(Either that, or I have finally stepped from the vestibule into the living room of menopausal hell.)

His name is David Faherty.
He was a professional golfer and is now a commentator.  I won't go into his full resume, because I want our newfound relationship to develop slowly, and I want to get to know him over a time span longer than the minute and a half it takes to read the average Wikipedia page.  But so far methinks he is charming and lovely and quite a snappy dresser.

(That last part, of course, was supplied by Stewey.)

But you wanna know what made me go positively weak in the knees?

I know, I know.  You're thinking it's the voice and the accent, right? (Mr. Feherty was born in Northern Ireland.) (Make of that what you will, but the guy could read the back of a cereal box aloud and I would puddle.)

Nope.  What got me about this guy is that...

He can write.

And by write, I mean write your socks off.  Turn a phrase, develop a tone, tell a story, and deliver a quip.

He did a little piece on NBC's coverage about why the Olympics are important last night, and I thought it perfectly captured all of the crap that's been rattling around my tiny little brain this week and turned it into something beautiful.  If you get the chance to see it, brace yourself and clutch your hankie, because it's good.

Damn good.

And I won't lie...the accent doesn't hurt anything either.

So, forgive me Jeffrey Dean.  There's a new boy bestilling my heart.  Have a seat and get yourself a beverage with your compatriots...I'll be back soon.

But for now, at least, my heart belongs to another.

(Cue the sappy music, please.)


  1. "I have finally stepped from the vestibule into the living room of menopausal hell" guffaw - tea spewed across the puter screen - what woman of fine vintage could not relate? David is not the only one gifted
    with the ability to "turn a phrase....deliver a quip" Must agree, there is a compelling air about the man.... you two must meet..Be certain Stewey has his finest attire in readiness for the encounter. In the interim, may you thoroughly luxuriate in your new-found
    preoccupation... You've made my day.

  2. Good...that leaves Jeffrey Dean for ME!!!!!

  3. I've been watching Mr. Faherty since the golf started at the Olympics. If you get the Golf Channel on the teevee, evidently he has a weekly program on it. I certainly plan on looking that one up and hitting the record everything button. I love his humor and the boy can definitely write! I totally understand the lust. lol

  4. Coni I love you. You have the nerve to say (write) what all of us think.

  5. Long been a fanatic over your new heartthrob, the beguiling Mr. Feherty. I have an acquaintance of longstanding with himself, as a devotee of golf. Please allow me to opine: you have excellent taste in men. Any further comments may detract from the delicious evolution of your entanglement.

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  8. You too can "turn a phrase......deliver a quip"! I've been a fan of your way with words since I stumbled across your blog 7 yrs ago.

  9. As one who wept when The Goode Wife went off the air, taking Jeffery with it, I did spy your new amore on NBC one evening. A bit too well groomed for my taste, although the accent is endearing. I prefer the more rough & tumble, why bother to shave, just rolled out of bed look of our Mr. Dean. Anyone know what his next project will be?
    BTW, if you think the living room is bad in the house of menopause, wait till you get to the kitchen.

  10. Love this! You're not so bad at turning a phrase yourself! :D Hugs & prayers, -Cathryn

  11. Talk about someone who can write...... Connie, have you considered writing as a, dare I suggest, profession?

  12. I recently broke up with Chris Noth (Mr. Big) for Sean Bean (Boromir and Eddard Stark). I know how difficult it can be, but like you, it was the accent that put me over the top! Let's hear it for the Brits!

  13. Good you fickle tart. More Jeffrey Dean for ME!!

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  15. Really? This, I think is one of those moments when I realize I just don't fit in. As you know the dude is British, (Scottish-born English-raised) so I have watched A LOT of golf in the past 24 years. I'm not sure how many of those I have been forced to listen to Feherty but my impression of him is not favorable. Okay, I'll just go back to my little corner...

    1. Nobody puts Stitch Bitch in a corner!

  16. My heart has always belonged to Basil Rathbone, so far, no-one has come close to replacing him (sadly).

  17. You are quite the writer too! I am sure you two would get on great :)

  18. Good you fickle tart. More Jeffrey Dean for ME!!

  19. Between you and your fabulous fans I'm LOVING this post! When I saw the picture I thought Stewey must approve...such a snappy dresser he is! I'll miss your JDM posts but think this has potential :)