Aug 20, 2016


You'll note my use of the word "boys" and not "men".

As I made the mistake of watching the news tonight, I found myself hollering at the TeeVee "THROW THE BUMS OUT!!"

The first dumbass did what he did with the world watching, and then had the unmitigated gaul to lie about it and then hire a PR firm to justify his bad behavior.

Bad form, man.  Bad form.

And these dumb asses were all arrested last night.  Know what they have in common?  They are (and hopefully will be were) members of the Notre Dame football team.  Wonder how many other eligible high school football players would have enjoyed a $250,000 education and the opportunity to play on television every Saturday?

Speeding with drugs and a loaded gun in the car, assault, and resisting arrest.  Nice job, boys. 

I'm going back under the covers now...


  1. Whooooooa! You are on a roll! 8-o Cathryn ;)

  2. Coni, I had to clean off my computer screen (it was only water) although by your title my first thought was Stewey was teaching Bosco to water the drapes. But then I read the text. You are right about them being dumb butts. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. The only problem with calling Lochte a boy is that it excuses his behavior with the defense of immaturity. He's 32, he's not getting better. The other boys might, especially with education. Fingers crossed.

  4. The ND crew should lose their scholarships and sports privileges and Lochte should be banned from all US Olympic teams and stripped of medals. This is what happens when people feel entitled. Shameful behavior,.

    1. Amen, sister! This has me madder than a hornet and muttering "dumbasses" every ten seconds.

  5. I am with you on this one. The swimmer, is a grown man. He is not a teenager or ever a 20 something! Disgraceful. Who raises these people?

  6. Welcome to the reckless, self centered, narcissistic, all about me, to hell with anyone else, lawless, feckless, not giving a damn about society lost generation. I am afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  7. I can't help comparing Lochte's apology to Trump's and to others in the public eye whose hypocrisy is on exhibit daily. The lack of moral compass and sincerity is frightening.
    Unfortunately, it seems to be a trait that is exhibited more by males than females, not that there aren't enough 'mean girls' to go around! It is my sincere hope that transgressions are punished, as I believe that giving such behavior a pass, especially when it is so public, sets a dangerous precedent for our youth.

  8. Amen to that. Hope ND follows thru with "former players ". So agree with the other comments. It's getting tougher to expect grace and forth rightness out there.