Jul 21, 2016


Today is my dad's birthday.  He would have been 84 years old today.  I mention this beause I'm pretty sure that the universe is trying to tell me something and that it somehow relates to my dad or my mom or both, since I have been missing them like crazy lately.

(Or, I've finally lost my mind completely and it's time to go to the special facility that's been holding a room for me since sometime in the late 90's when I decided to live my life as though I was a normal person trapped in the body of a portly yet well-meaning spinster.)

I saw a yellow butterfly today.  

OK, so maybe it was more like I swatted and ran away from a yellow butterfly that was careening around the back yard like some kind of crazypants kamakazee spiritual symbol thingie...but nonetheless, I saw a yellow butterfly today.

Normally I would not have really given this too much thought, but for some reason this crazy butterfly decided to get my attention as it flitted between me, the patio umbrella, and then Stewey.  And it did this for about fifteen minutes before I started to get a little creeped out and came inside.

So we got on with our morning and decided to go out for our second constitutional of the day, and there it was again!  The exact same butterfly.  And, just like before, it hung out right there in the yard with Stewey as he hopped around inspecting each and every blade of grass and leaf before deciding to plop himself in the cool damp grass for a snooze in the sun.  

And the stupid butterfly stayed there. 

So now I'm back in the house wondering if I've had a heat stroke or if I have once and for all dropped my basket entirely. 

According to the Google, seeing a yellow butterfly is a good omen and means hope and guidance.


And guidance.

I can't think of two things I could use more of right about now other than a full time housekeeper and a fistful of Target gift cards.  All this time I had been wishing on stars and lighting candles and chanting mantras to whoever would listen, when all I needed to do was find a stupid yellow butterfly.

So that's the report from Lunaticville today, kids.  Here's hoping that your neck of the woods is full of hope and guidance too.

And butterflies.


  1. No you are not, I repeat not, crazy. There are signs if we
    can just see them. You have seen yours. Take care of you and yours. You are in the thoughts of all of us (we?) who read this blog

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  3. A field full of hope!

  4. Oh Coni, you are not crazy so no need to go off to the special facility. What a beautiful butterfly!

  5. I hope you get to see yellow butterflies every day then!

  6. This yellow butterfly (and all it's meanings) was sent to you by your dad.

  7. Hope springs eternal! I believe your Father sent this butterfly to give you hope and let you know that he is watching over you and Stewey. Not crazy at all, not crazy at all!

  8. Sometimes spooky equals beautiful. Enjoy your sign and have faith along with believing in your hope and guidance.

  9. No one else relates their happenings with your wit and style. You should be writing short stories or a regular feature. We love you, but we don't pay much.

  10. That is perfect :) Definitely a sign from above, just for you and Stewey <3

  11. Now you may think that butterfly was there for you, but I think it was giving good wishes to Stewey. I have always believed that the butterflies that stay awhile are good omens. Coni, everyone cares about you!

  12. There are omens all around us, if we take the time to see them. If we don't, sometimes they have to get a little pushy like your butterfly today! It must have been important for you to see it. So glad you did, what a lovely message!

  13. Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog! The butterfly came for both sides out and stewed. There are signs all around us! Love and peace to you both.

  14. The butterfly came for both you and stewey ( damn autocorrect). See above.

  15. What a wonderful sign! :D Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  16. Coni, here are some other meanings for when a butterfly shows up.

    1. Get ready for a big change, one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging.

    2. It's time to make the changes you've been considering.

    3. In spite of the challenges, you'll get through this transition, and as always, know that "this too shall pass."

    Maybe they all apply...

    Hope your weekend is peaceful. Hugs to all at Chez Spinster.

  17. Dear friend, you are not crazy! Crazy people don't wonder if they're nuts! Hugs today on your Dads 84th bday. Today would have been my much beloved Dad's 83rd bday. I miss my parents very much too.we have a cardinal that flits in and out of our yard that I see as a sign they are watching over me. Who is crazy pants now! So enjoy you blog, it makes me smile!

  18. Your are definiely not crazy.
    When my FIL passed away and we were emptying his home to sell.The very last day I was wandering around remembering over 30 years of memories when I found a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly in the hall totally stil on the walll and I immediately thought of my MIL who had passed away eleven years before.Was she visiting one more time?It felt like it. Before I locked up I gently caught the butterfly which put up no resistance and took it outside.It fluttered away.It helped me so much to walk away from their happy home for the last time.

  19. Hi Coni. I love reading your blog. I've been busy selling my home and moving so I'm pretty late getting back to it. But I wanted to comment on your butterfly siting. Back in 1997 my father and I bought his childhood homestead when my grandmother died. The place had been in the family for over 100 years.(It was really hard for me to let it go but really no choice, but I'm good with it now.) Anyway, one summer after we bought it, my dad and I were sitting in the back yard and 2 butterflies were dancing around us and every now and then would land on our arms. My dad said that it was my grandparents( his mom and dad) watching over us and the homestead. Wouldn't you know that for a couple summers after that first incident, we would see 2 butterflies flitting around near us and landing on us. So you see, never be afraid of butterflies, you never know who they could be or what they represent. ( I don't believe in re-incarnation , but ???) :) Leah in Ohio (a few hours south of Lima)