Jul 27, 2016


Bosco on the left...Stewey on the right.  In about ten minutes, they will reverse and then do that over and over again until playtime.  

They must have a little timer hidden somewhere...

A little more progress on Bargello Challenge.  I ripped out that background section because I had turned my canvas upside down and the resulting stitches were different somehow and caused a bit of an annoying shadow...

My sleepy BabyDear...

And an awake Bosco (who doesn't care to have his photograph taken one little bit):

Puppy toes and a nose from last night's stitching...

Today will be comprised of some futzing and putzing and not much else.  After I get a chore or two finished I will contemplate grilling some chicken and then sitting down to finish a library book before stitching.  If I time everything correctly, I should be finished with the Bargello Challenge just in time for the opening ceremonies of Rio.  Wonder what will make it into my Olympic stitchy basket this year?  (Rumor has it that I am actually thinking about re-starting Patchwork of Peace!...stay tuned for a final decision on that one!)

Hope you have a lovely day...futz away!


  1. Coni: The Bargello project is really gorgeous! Now that it's getting filled in, the colors are stunning. I can't remember --- was that a class project or a retail chart? I would love to work it now that I see it more completed. Again, really great choice of colors!

    1. Hi, Joanne! This is actually a group correspondence course that my EGA guild is doing. We were provided the course booklet by Gail Stafford and the canvas and then designed the piece ourselves.

      I will get my act together and chart it out soon, so stay tuned!

    2. Wow, Coni! That would be great! I'm DEFINITELY staying tuned, now! Again, I LOVE the entire piece.

  2. So pretty!! I am really, really loving the colors you chose! And the pups are super sweet as usual :)

  3. Beautiful Bargello, Coni...those colors just make my heart happy!
    Those two are such sweeties...there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping Jack Russ, except a pair of them :)'
    Hugs from me and Miss Teagan

  4. Nice work on your bargello, bummer about the frogging. Such cute little sleepy heads.

  5. I love the bargello! It has been such fun watching your progress on it.

    Be still my heart! I am feeling faint at the prospect of the possible return of the Patchwork of Peace!

  6. You are moving along on the Bargello piece, Coni. Enjoy your grilled chicken, your library book and the boys.

  7. Your bargello piece is lovely. All the different stitches keep the eye moving from one point to another and back again just to make sure you haven't missed anything. Your color choices are great, too!

  8. Lovely stitching,such awesome colours. Great pictures of the boys.
    I took umpteen photos of our beautiful border collie when she slept,never two the same.When arthritis set in we replaced her doggy basket with a doggy quilt,no more climbing into her bed for arthritic old legs..She frequently had her head off her quilt and on the carpet in just the same way she had hung it over her basket:)

  9. Your Bargello is coming along nicely. Like the way it shades.