Jul 25, 2016


I started the background sections of the Bargello Challenge and had several trial and errors before settling on 3-ply DMC floss in my lightest color.  So far, I'm pretty happy with the end result, so I think it will stay.

For now.

The deadline for the piece is October, so I have a few months to fret and tweak and rip and re-stitch anything that really bugs me, but I'm hoping I can resist the impulse to do so.  How about I make a public pledge on this here blog to just finish it and then leave well enough alone?  That way, if I feel the urge to do something stupid you will all hold me accountable and I won't have to come up with some crazypants explanation as to why I am turning in a jar full of thread fragments and a partially stitched canvas with tire tracks on it.

(Hmmmm.  Wonder if I'm on to something?  I could also publish my weekly to do list and menu plan, and when I fail to get out of bed or opt for a bowl of Cheetos for dinner instead of a chopped salad and salmon, you could shame me right back into submission.)

(Except then I would turn you all into task masters and hall monitors, and I have at least eleven or twelve of those in my brain already.)

Noooo, I think we'll just keep the status quo for now.  I'll bumble cluck my way through stuff and you'll get to have a few moments each day to think to yourself "Thank God I'm not that idiot spinster who can't find her way out of a wet paper bad with two hands, a flashlight, and an enormous pair of saftey scissors."

You're welcome, friends.  Anything I can do to help.

Happy Monday to one and all.  I'm off to get an Aranesp shot, a bit of gas in the car, some more DMC floss, and a few groceries for the week.  Hope your day is equally as exciting!


  1. I really like the colors...sounds like you have a busy schedule today. I do hope there is time for stitching.

  2. I do like this project. Take three slow deep breaths and calm. Stewey and Bosco are there for you as are all of us who read and enjoy tremendously your blog. I frequently see myself reflected in your comments about yourself. Cut yourself some slack. We are all in your corner. You are an inspiration.

  3. Well, I hope you don't fret too much because I really think it is fabulous so far and will be even more so once you have finished it. Hmmm, salad and salmon; what a great combination.

  4. I love this project of yours....the colors and designs. Any chance of a stitch guide?

  5. So, this will tell you how much of a stitcher I am not....I thought the light blue WAS the background/accent color. And I really liked it! Oh well...the green is nice too.

  6. This is Awesome! Great colors, amazing stitching, I'd be thrilled to be gifted with this! Just let me know, I'll send my address! Hugs to the boys.

  7. I think it looks great. Have a wonderful week. Hope you treatment helps and you are feeling better soon.

  8. I think it looks wonderful!! I hope you don't change it :)