Jun 24, 2016


Stupid, stupid, stupid Spinster.

I had absolutely no business whatsoever posting anything remotely related to the British departure from the EU, so my cheeky post that was here a minute ago has been deleted.

What the hell was I thinking?

Well, I guess I was trying to say "Good for you, British peoples for conducting this entire exercise as civilized, smart, passionate humans as opposed to bomb-wielding, fist-shaking, tyrannical, fire-breathing idiots who can't find a way to have a conversation, let alone hold a vote for citizen voices to be heard."

Truly...truly sorry to have offended anyone who was.  After a few minutes banging my head on the driveway, we'll get back to stitching and Happy Chairs and laundry and dog pee, I promise.



  1. No offense was taken!

    Unfortunately an MP died upholding our civil rights. She was shot and then stabbed outside her surgery by a right-wing extremist who has now been charged with terrorist offences.

    It's been a bad week all round :-( I don't suppose the little dog Stewey would like to come and stand for Prime Minister? We have a vacancy and he's a darn sight more civilised than any of the candidates!

    Thank heavens for my stitching!

  2. Totally agree with Jo,no offence taken here either.

  3. What were you thinking? I suppose your own thoughts, ideas, opinions, and comments. It's just that these days, if someone disagrees, there is no tolerance for your rights, only theirs. I'm sorry if anyone made you feel the need to apologize.

  4. You are allowed to have your own thoughts on your own blog! Besides, most of us stitchers are chilled enough that we will give you the space you want for any and all opinions and not get upset. It is so fun to read your blog and I don't know that you could say anything much to offend me. So don't feel bad, Coni. We all love you and the boys!!

  5. You go right ahead and voice your opinion. Anyone offended can write it off as, oh, I don't know, maybe freedom of speech? No problem here!

  6. Ditto, ditto, ditto to all the above. Freedom of speech, as well as freedom to read or not read something. My/ every Americans choice. Write on, Spinster Stitcher sister.

  7. It seems to me that you are entitled to your opinion. Other people are entitled to disagree. No offence.

  8. Made me smile! I think Stewey should be adjusting his ascot for a run for PM in October!

  9. I agree with everyone above! YOU go girl!! :)

  10. Coni, I was in Hong Kong when Nixon resigned, and the worldwide reaction to the peaceful transition of power in the US made me walk tall with pride in our country. I understand your reaction...
    What I do believe, however, is that the decision represents manipulation. Like our "Occupy Wall Street', people in GB are feeling powerless, so they took action where they could without regard to long-term consequences.
    Our anger needs to be directed against those leaders who lack a moral compass, blame everyone other than themselves in an attempt to divide us, and make decisions based on their own benefit. When we, the electorate, fail to pay attention, GREED wins.