Jun 23, 2016


The new colors for Twilight are just what I was looking for...watery, soothing, cool, and peaceful.  I am really enjoying my time with this one on the stretcher bars and seem to be slowing down quite a bit to prolong the happiness.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

We've had some wicked, wicked storms here in Hoosierville, but thankfully Chez Spinster has been spared so much as a leaf on the lawn or the lights flickering.  I was sure we were in for it last night and was contemplating heading to the guest bath for cover, but it passed pretty quickly and Ibefore I knew it, was wrapped up in Housewives.

I did, however, discover that little Bosco is simply terrified of thunder and lightning, so he and I huddled together and whispered to each other while Stewey snoozed...obliviously...nearby.  I told Bosco the story about the angels bowling, which is what my dad used to tell me during a storm.  We would sit in his chair together and Dad would say "OK, here comes a strike!" and then we would cheer like crazy while the house shook and the sky lit up.  (I never really did get a good answer about those lights...Dad said that the boss angel didn't know how to bowl, so he stood at the light switch and flippped it on and off so that he could feel like he was part of the fun, but I was suspect.)

Today is supposed to be a housecleaning and laundry day, but I'm not sure I have the energy for it.  I know that if I just buckle down and get it done I'll feel better, but the thought of all of that sweating and grunting and scrubbing and cursing makes me tired just thinking about it.  What the heck happened to the spinster that used to set aside four hours every Saturday to clean her house like an Amish woman?  I used to be able to do that, run errands, and still manage to go out to dinner and a movie!

Oh, wait.

I was also 22 years old when I did that.

This whole "learning to live with moderation" thing completely escapes me.  I keep remembering my friend Dr. Dan telling me to "Just find the grey, Coni!  Just find the grey!" in an effort to get me to stop careening from full throttle to comatose, but, what can I say?  I'm apparently a very slow learner.

So methinks today I will try to do a few things instead of many and I'll have a good soak in an epsom salt bath and I'll drink lots of water instead of Crystal Lite and then, blissfully, I'll get back to the Happy Chair for a little Thursday night stitching.

How about you?  What's on your agenda for the day?


  1. Hope you are feeling better. I am in awe of your stitching! I only cross stitch so what you do is like voodoo magic. I frequently have to google definitions for the different stitches you do. In my 60s now I MAKE myself do one extra t
    chore a day. If I feel like it I do more and then off to MY happy chair to stitch. If I didn't have a flock of ducks to cherish (long story) I would probably stay in the happy chair all day but they are as spoiled as your dogs and as demanding (and loved) Have you tried a thundershirt on your thunderstorm scared guy? Off to stitch now.

  2. I agree the colors are very soothing. I was just thinking the same thing today while cleaning the bathroom. I used to keep the house so clean and had so much energy. Now, not so much. Cute story of the Angels bowling. Glad everyone is safe.

  3. I liked your Angels bowling story, Coni. Happy to hear that everyone at Chez Spinster is okay and safe from the storms. Housework is totally over-rated. Do what you can without getting overtired.

  4. I heard the same angel/bowling story growing up. Hey, when not at the beach, stitch with ocean colors.
    When the storm left you it came over the state line to Columbus. Some areas had flooding problems and some trees down. We were very lucky.......just a good old fashioned thunder storm. I love listening to the rolling thunder. It's too humid today to do anything strenuous, so housework is off the list.

  5. Hi Coni!

    Feel free to take the remainder of the day off and spend it stitching! The housework will be there tomorrow.

    I absolutely love the cool calming colors you've chosen for Twilight, and would love to try them in another canvas project I have (that I really LOVE but don't care for the colorways provided). Would you be willing to share a list of the colors you chose? Much appreciated....


    1. Chello! I'm using Caron Watercolours in South Pacific and DMC floss in 598, 597, 992, 993, and 3814. Oh, and just a teeny bit of Kreinik #8 braid in color 829.

    2. Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, Coni! I have everything except the Watercolours....but that will be remedied pronto!

      Again, THANK YOU!

  6. I like the quote "I go to bed now when I used to be just going out." LOLOL. LOVE your beautiful new color scheme. Yep the storms hit here in KY too. Blessings and prayers on you and yours. Cathryn

  7. I love your new project, such lovely colors! I am working on a Toni Gerdes project-Frank Lloyd Wright kimono. I am enjoying it but debating the little mirrors she added, don't like them much. Liz

  8. Hi - My niece in-law swears by the thunder shirts she uses for her canine troops... especially for Seamus the Irish Wolfhound who is terrified. I used to poke cotton balls into my pooches ears to help muffle the thunder, which alwayd made it easier for them. Pets to your boys!

  9. Hi - My niece in-law swears by the thunder shirts she uses for her canine troops... especially for Seamus the Irish Wolfhound who is terrified. I used to poke cotton balls into my pooches ears to help muffle the thunder, which alwayd made it easier for them. Pets to your boys!

  10. I love knowing that you do the Jumble every day, too!

  11. Love the stitching, and the colors!
    My father told me the same story growing up...Angels bowling! It never crossed my mind to question the lights flickering or worrying about lightning...I guess I wasn't quite as thoughtful as you! :) Angels bowling was good enough to keep this little girl calm til the storm passed!

  12. I love the angels bowling story. I am sure Bosco loved the extra cuddles!