May 7, 2016


I decided to do a little Spring cleaning and pick up a work in progress.  I came to this conclusion after spending about four hours up in the studio pawing through my stash and then drawing a blank as to what might be a good theme for May.

So...Spring cleaning it is.

This is Copper and Turquoise by Needle Delights Originals.  At first I was worried that the colors might be a little too autumnal for a May project, but then I remembered that I had just spent the better part of a day and a half sweating my bazoombas off trying to find something springy upstairs and I got on with it.

(The studio was warm and toasty because the sun was flooding in through the skylights and I was too lazy/stupid to draw the shades and open the A/C vent. )

(Sometimes my reluctance to be a normal functioning human baffles even me.)

Stewey is snoozing happily in the sun today (no bazoomba sweating issues there), and I am contemplating a marathon of something easy breezy on the TeeVee.  I'm tempted to start Sopranos again, but that would mean that I've watched the entire series from start to finish a total of nineteen times, and I don't know if anybody needs that much fuggedabboudit in their lives. sure would be nice to see Tony and Carmella again, and who doesn't love a little Pauly Walnuts on a beautiful Saturday morning?

I hope your weekend is off to a good start and that your needles are flying!


  1. I like it..very pretty. You may be very happy to have an autumn piece ready to view when the time comes. I do agree that sometimes it is best just to go into stash and grab something. A phrase for that behaviour is "just get off the dime" Enjoy your day. I am on my way the local B&N to use my 20% coupon. What fun. Although, making a decision is sometimes difficult. Great day to all.

  2. Love your project...great colors

  3. I just love that piece... so very pretty! Did you do it in the (gasp) called for colors???? :) Have a great Sunday!

  4. These lovely colours are shouting to be added too:)

  5. Great (re)start! I really like your razzledazzle needle minder too :)

  6. That is a beautiful project! And can I recommend Outlander if you haven't watched it yet. Season 2 has just begun so you could easily catch up. :)